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    Lower Maintenance high tech 'scape ideas please

    hi all having set and established a lovely tank, i'm losing the battle to maintain it well due to life getting in the way! my MC carpet is all lifting despite several trims as it is so rampant im getting dead spots and algae, any tips on a lower maintenace tank, still co2 and EI dosed just...
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    maximising filter flow / sponge only

    hi all i bought an 850lph filter for a 100l tank (i know, im an idiot!) i have a koralia in there too so the flow is pretty good but im interested in maximising the flow as best i can, i run the koralia more or less in sync with my co2 but when its off the flow is not great Ive read about...
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    HC Cuba - dark and tiny leaves

    hi all see photo below, ( i know it's not great) i have cuba growth thats a bit odd, its very thin darker shoots with tiny leaves now the chances are that this is some of the pieces i planted very deep i had severe issue keeping it in place (in-vitro plants) so planted it very deep and then...
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    "Destinys" Child!

    hi all so, here's my first journal, warts and all! its a bit backdated as i havent got around to doing the journal Its heavily influenced (a rip-off if you will!) of Cliff Hui's "Destiny" from a good few years ago its a tank i've always really liked and after neglecting my own tank...
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    Timers on extension cord

    Hi all, Digging out my old timers to set up my co2, have a couple of digital ones from argos, had to get the manual online to refresh myself on how to program them, I never actually used them before but a couple of my mechanical ones are bust, anyway to the point...the manual says do not use...
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    tesco cat litter cap - didnt rinse, am i in trouble?

    hi all doing my rescape and didnt have enough akadama to get the slopes i was after so i bought some tesco cat litter to cap it off, i got the correct variety i didnt realize it was perfumed, (it doesnt smell) i figured people just rinse it for dust so anyway i was only using a little bit so i...
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    Regular pointing up, any tricks

    hi all when i connect up my regulator to my FE and tighten it all up the needle valve is pointing upwards and i cant fit it in my press, Im just using the standard adapter with a washer any tricks for this? deeper washer? pfte tape? many thanks
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    hiding equipment idea, any comments

    hi all im doing the scape below and was thinking i could stash a lot of equipment behind the wood, could i create a screen and leave the area behind the roots as a void with my inlet and outlet and my co2 diffuser there as well under the outlet, the gaps in the roots will be filled in with...
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    algae under silicone, bad news?

    hi all I;ve read up on this and theres mixed opinions! whats your opinion please! ive not posted my actual tank before, just read other peoples questions so here is mine, this is by far the worst part of it as you can see its not in where the glass touches but not far off it, its unsightly i...
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    leaving some old substrate in tank?

    hi all im doing a rescape I have akadama & gravel in the tank and more akadama there to top up and build some mounds with etc is there any advantage in leaving in all or some of the old substrate its 6yrs old and has never been changed, its full of mulm is it full of baddies or is there any...
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    Creating depth, smaller plants to back / Cliff Hui - "Destiny"

    hi all ive loved Cliff Hui's Destiny for years and am looking to do similar my tank is a poor dimension for aquascaping (90cm W x 30 D x 38 H) Destiny was a 90 x 45 x 45, have i any hope? Something obvious about Destiny is that he has small delicate plants in the back which does a great job of...
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    akadama under aquasoil / bagging akadama?

    hi all i did a search, assumed this would have come up before but didnt see anthing have plenty of akadama but want to try aquasoil could i build up a bit with akadama and cap with aquasoil to keep the cost down? will it be a mess in time, will the akadama come up through the aquasoil? this...
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    Filter media order - is the typical order wrong?

    hi setting p a new filter and its been a long time, watched a youtbe vid and the guy was saying the usual order is wrong basicially he said that you should have a coarse foam and a fine foam layer in the bottom tray and then all bio media from there, the logic being that you want the water as...
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    quick t5ho question

    hi all quick question, i assume once its 850mm wide and 39w its HO right? can i just use any decent brand 865's that are 39w at 850mm i can probably get these locally (ireland) but have no hope of getting grolux and skywhites and the like ive used lampspecs for pc's before but i'm sure...
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    enough media capacity?

    hi all i have a converted eheim 2327 which does 900lph (tested) but its media capacity is quite small (4.9l) i this a concern? tbh I only clean it once a month max i dont particularly want to replace it its going sidemounted on a 150l fully planted tank with a koralia rgds 4
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    bit nervy about converting a d-d kit

    hi all i know this is old hat but i've read the tutorial and can help noticing i could potentially blow my head off! heres my specific questions, if y'all dont mind! is it safe to assume that the reg/solenoid/needle on my d-d disposable set will take the the pressure of a 2kg f/e i have the...
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    ebay "koralias"

    hi any thoughts on the hong kong wave makers on ebay eg....http://cgi.ebay.ie/Aquarium-Mini-Wave-Maker-Pump-2000L-H-Magnetic-Fixation_W0QQitemZ370261878330QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item563553e63a after a quick look this would suit my 90 x 40 x 42 (along with a flow monster...
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    roots from reptile tank

    hi all i bought roots off an lfs as they were redesigning their reptile house these were in with the reptiles and had a little crap on them i was thinking that its nothing a scrub, soak and boil wouldn't remedy but I would like some second opinions please they are like a really knotty...
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    glosso or hc

    hi all i did try search for this, but getting conflicting stuff all over the web i have done a hc carpet and loved it, hated the way it uprooted itself on me though i only found out that it needs severe mowing when it was too late my new tank will be a little deeper than my last, so im half...
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    what causes new tank algae

    hi all i have been led to believe that new tanks will almost always get diatoms, is this true? what causes this? i am doing a new tank with an established external filter (that i can keep wet) same setup more or less, just new glass and going to try akadama im was going to keep some of the...
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    quick riccia question

    hi i've put a few "mats" of riccia together and they look great but i was just wondering.... will the riccia grow out of these netted mats and come loose to the surface i want more to plant in more mats so if i dont trim will i be able to propagate it by letting it grow out rgds 4
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    edited: any thoughts on the size 36w x 15h x 17d"

    hi all im fairly restricted in the area the tank is going so i have asked for prices on the above size 36 x 15 x 15" (or 910mm x 380mm x 380mm if you prefer) like everyone, i am trying to get a deep look is same height and depth a good option? rgds 4
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    betta brand tanks

    hi all anyone use betta tanks for the planted tanks? (the seamless radiused front cornered ones, i mean) another thing, has the betta brand another name or something i am finding it impossible to search for their products, as every search i can think of throws up siamese fighting fish sites...
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    'scaping a slim tank - path?

    hi all i have a 36" x 12" x 15" tank (thats 12" front to back) as you all know this is a bad size for a scape as its so slim from front to back i have done lots of reading and playing about and have a basic grasp of what creates depth i am re-scaping at the moment and fancy a change (i had a...
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    using oasis flower foam in tank?

    hi all i was thinking how good Oasis foam blocks would be in the aquarium (the green blocks that flower arrangers use that hold lots of water) you can shape them any way you want and plant straight in them anyone ever tried it, i am trying to find out if its tank safe but no luck yet regards 4
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    optimum reflectors?

    hi all i have the facilities and materials in work to make reflectors has anyone ever got technical about angles and distance from lamps etc etc i wnat to build a luminaire and this is an opportunity to get it right on the reflectors i plan to use mirror perspex and feel its clearer and...
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    ada gallery tanks - low flow, co2 bubbles stright to surface

    hi all i have been watching a clip of amano showroom in niigita http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xjV6_3Xgoc you can see from the first few tanks that they seem to have very little flow and the co2 just goes straight to the surface any thoughts on this, it goes against the general advice given...
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    diffusion idea, any thoughts

    hi all i am thinking about getting or making an in-line reactor but in the mean time, what about this idea... i use a really tiny interpet internal filter with a glass nano diffuser in the media area, so it diffuses small bubbles into the body that are then chopped up and sent out the outlet...
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    reactors for dummies!

    hi all couple of basic questions if you dont mind! i have a pita with my diffusion! i have used a glass pollen-type but I was not happy with it i felt the bubbles got to the surface too quick i now have the diffuser in a tiny internal filter which chews up the bubble and spits them out, its...
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    emmersed growing on the windowsill?

    hi all any thoughts on growing some emmersed hairgrass beside my herbs on the windowsill i have the lid of an api master kit with sand/gravel mix and some bits of hairgrass i was thinking of just topping this up with my ei tankwater when required i ask, because a lot of emmersed growing talk...
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    stag and clado - mulm under cuba?

    hi all this could be a a filtration topic but here goes... i have bunches of stag and plenty of clado coming up through my cuba when a largish portion of cuba became uprooted i noticed a lot of mulm under it (there was so much, i could not see the substrate) I have a mate who's cuba also...
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    growing hairgrass emmersed

    hi all i have had no luck with hairgrass in my tank it grows incredibly slow and seems to be a hair algae magnet i love the stuff and dont want to give up entirely could i essentially grow a large carpet emmersed? im not in any hurry, could i use the few healthy bits in my tank to try and...
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    fluctuating water level in drop checker?

    hi all just curious, what causes the water level to rise in a drop checker? i use the usual chameleon shaped ebay job and when it goes in the tank the air/waterline is right at the mouth and it gradually rises, takes days.... whats it all about? rgds 4
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    vids of tank flow and surface movement ?

    hi all as it says... i am curious to see a video of how much folks plants wave around and the surface disturbance i have never really seen a lot of planted tanks "in the flesh" and am guessing what sort of surface movement is good heres mine, comments welcome.. bit of info first... its a...
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    snails grouping at the waterline

    hi all i have tiny ramshorns in my tank for the last few days there have been 100 or so packed along the waterline at the top corner of the tank whats the deal with this? the tank has about 30ppm nitrate at the moment with presurissed co2, any thougths rgds 4
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    mould on my ei mix

    hi all i have made up my npk mixes with tapwater in the past but have used RO on the last batch it seems to be forming a mould? there is white fuzzy lumps in the mix any thoughts? rgds 4
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    couple of cuba questions (established that is!)

    hi all a large portion of my cuba has become up-rooted through a vigourous cleaning any tips on how to bed it down, will it re-root if i weight it down the sustrate is pea gravel with sand and flourite sand but the sand has all sunk as you can imagine other question is a bit silly perhaps...
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    dwarf corys and hc cuba

    hi all would corydoras habrosus uproot established cuba? would it be unfair to keep them in a fully carpeted tank, or would they muck about happily in the cuba? many thanks rgds 4
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    is it okay to run an eheim half closed?

    hi all i have googled this but no avail i have converted a wet/dry to a regular style eheim but now the flow is really really strong, plants are sideways! can i just half close the output permanently of will this put pressure on the filter in any way should i slow the intake to offset the...
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    eheim outlet options

    hi all im getting a 2327 thermojobby second hand and need to buy a hose for it this is an overseas mail order for me si i was wondering is there any other parts that could come in handy i see "shepards crooks" and "fish tail jet pipe" both of which seem at a glance to be like a lily pipe type...
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    iwagumi style, cruel to fish?

    hi all i was wondering if there are any opinions on this i was looking at my new tank last night it is an amano style low carpet and rocks job and it looks great (well should in a few months!) but,, i was thinking that i sure wouldnt like to live in it! (no fish yet) its so sparse and there...
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    moving otos from low tec to high tec

    hi all i was wondering about the above i have 5 healthy otos in my established tank for six weeks with a view to moving them to my new tank old tank is low tec, low light, no dosing regime, no co2 new tank is the opposite, with co2, ei dosing, high light i know otos dont like change, will...
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    another "what algae is this" photo

    hi all heres my algae.... I have read james c's guide but am unsure what this one is its very slimy and soft and is browny in colour and is loving my hairgrass, its on rocks and hc also its a new 4 week old tank that has no fish Clive has been "mentoring me" (thanks clive) and i am running...
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    any tips for raising areas

    hi all i have some rocks i can work with but as pointed out to me here they will be too low when my hairgrass grows any tip for things to sit them or raise up areas apart from more mail order rocks and more expense! substrate is small pea gravel on flourite sand i can pile the pea gravel up...
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    gold neon tetra

    hi guys i saw these guys in the lfs today and fell for them and they stay fairly small apparently they look great, is there anything i should know about them? are they a good choice for a 100l planted tank? would they mix with cardinals or black neons or do you think this would look odd rgds 4
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    can i use regular airline temporarily?

    hi all i have found a hole in the co2 line i got with my kit but cant buy any co2 line here in lfs in ireland could i use regular line for a week or so until i get an order from AE i have a soft line and the regular harder silicone one which would be better to use? regards 4
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    filling tank - full on from the off?

    hi all i have planted hc and Eleocharis acicularis 5 days ago in a moist DSM style environment and now i want to fill the tank (i never claimed I'd have the patience for tom's method !) will i go full on from the start? full ei dosing? full on co2 injection? i will fill the tank in the next...
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    arrggh - didnt buy enough flourite sand

    hi guys i have just received my order from aquaristic and I didnt buy enough flourite black sand (kinda knew in my heart of hearts but the package was getting too heavy) i was going to have the flourite under a dorset pea gravel top what can i do? Could i mix the flourite sand with say 30%...
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    ei ferts and herbs/houseplants

    hi all just wondering if i could use a bit of my ei mixes on herbs and houseplants seeing as its there i made it up in liquid as per the EI dry dose article on here its half the strength of ceg's example as the tank is smaller i used all dry ferts from AE including powder trace mix regards 4
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    t4 / t5 under cabinet units in luminaire

    hi all i was thinking of using the undercabinet units in a luminaire they are really neat self contained strip units that are linkable like these... the t4 ones are 30w at 30" and are really neat and tidy i could easily make a luminaire to take 3 of these for a cool 90w over 96l can anyone...
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    converter from extinguisher to disposable

    yep you're not reading this wrong unfortunately i dont have room for a large canister and the local co2 fillers want 20euro to fill a 350g tank! same price as a 2kg fill i can get 500g or similar disposables cheaper than that i saw a dirt cheap (hopefully not dirt) reg, solenoid etc etc on...
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    is EI a good approach for beginners

    the ferts thing is a minefield is EI good for a beginner or is it more for seasoned aquarists rgds 4
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    can you lie an extinguisher / co2 bottle flat

    hi all as it says... i have set up a tank on my kitchen counter and have no cabinet i need to stash all the bits and bobs behind the tank including co2, the tank is 15" high regards 4
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    planted tank checklist for newb?

    hi guys and gals i am setting up my 36 x 12 x 15, it has medium light from 2 x 27w compact flourescents in a luminaire, i hope to use yeast co2 if i can, i plan on an asian style with a carpet plant and grasses with rocks i have only ever had a low light 54l tank with a few low light plants...
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    Help needed - limited substrate options

    hi all i have still not solved my substrate issues I live in Ireland and there is limited choices here, i cant afford the cost of shipping from uk or usa there are a couple of german sites that will post to me at very reasonable rates i am particulalry intersted in the ab aqua terralit which...
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    planted tank filter turnover

    hi guys i have read differing accounts on the ideal turnover filter rates for planted tanks I was pretty sure 10 times was the usual requirement but read to the contrary on the web the other day saying you want a low 3x turnover I have a 1200lph filter that i got with my 100l it is very...
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    adding co2 to established low light tank

    hi all i am about to set up a 100l with diy co2 would there be any harm in testing out and getting used to the diy method using my established low light tank, its 54l, 24 x 12 x 12, with a 15w dennerle planty type t8 bulb it has inert sand and get a dose of tetra plantamin once a month the...
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    non-clouding substrate

    hi all i am about to embark on my first proper planted tank i have a 36" x 12" x 15" clearseal tank with an overhead luminaire with compact flourescents at 57w i have grown some low level plants in a juwel rekord 60 with the standard 15w with no co2 and inert sand and only using tetra...