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    Plant ID please

    Not been aroud for a while,how weird!!Maybe you should classify and name it!!
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    Plant ID please

    Any updates on this?
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    Planted Ripariums

    I really,really like this stuff,I've been lurking on various forums for months,looking at paludariums and ripariums thinking I couldn't do this. Your tanks are amazing,I was still thinking I couldn't do it,but that 80 litre you just posted puts ideas in my head!! Fabulous tanks.
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    Wabi-kusa projects

    Re: Wabi-kusa project That little plantlet growing out of the moss is like the thing Saintly has growing in his tank.
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    Just caught up on this,not long now!!I must say I thought ooer when I saw your 9 week pic!!Any recent ones?My little one is 5 months now,big bro is 4,big sis 20.I loved being pregnant and adore babies,but won't have any more now.So I need to secure fixes of baby loveliness of other peoples babes...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Hi Ed,don't kow what's happened,I'd say she spent a day or so fiercly protecting the cave and has gradually ventured further from it,still going back in regularly now.Mind they've only been in the tank a week or so,so nice to see they've settled and claimed space for themselves. Her ovipositor...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Think my fire reds have either spawned or attempted to today,the two who were previously like Punch and Judy.Little minxy was very flirty and enticed him into her lair and he was in there for about half an hour.I must say I was very worried as I can't see in and thought she might have killed him...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Yeh,I'll keep an eye on the pencils,I have options,my tanks aren't heavily stocked. Re the digging,tbh,one of the cichlid experts will give the definitive,I've only had mine a couple of months,I haven't seen them digging at all. My 60 has a playsand foreground and I regularly see my male filter...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Yep,lfs were a bit vague,so looked them up when I got home,def Beckfordii.Been watching them over the last couple of days,they don't school too good,they're kind of all over the place,mind it's a small tank though. Seem to have two males who have gone very dark red,black and brown who constantly...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Ed and Dw,thanks for your advice,I got 9 gold line pencil fish today.Very pretty,quite comical,not shy at all.The 'gold line' is pretty amazing,it really shimmers,and almost as soon as I added them some started colouring up red on their fins,just glanced at them across the room actually and the...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Must learn more restraint!!There's an lfs about an hour and a bit away from me that has a superb range of fish,both dwarf pencilfish and a few different rasboras,I'm a bit nervous of driving there though. My fire reds are now in their own tank and their behaviour has changed markedly...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Would Galaxy Rasboras be ok with aggies anyone?Just been phoning round lfs's and that's the only thing I can come up with,well that and harlequins.
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    Tiger Lotus Nymphaea Lotus

    I just bought a Spatterdock and it was similar,more woody though,a cut section of a rhizome.They're SIMILAR plants,but NOT the same.
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    Tall with thick stem plant ID

    Is it Alternanthera?Someone will confirm (or ot lol!!).
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    My mess of a tank - can you help it?

    How's the tank coming along?
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    Shrimps in Edinburgh

    There was a guy on tff classified board selling cherries,pick up only in Glasgow.
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Setting up their tank as we speak (I have a mature filter for it).Been mossing coco caves for a while as I think it shows off some mosses very well.
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    Small, flat pebbles for moss rocks

    slate paddlestoes from garden centre,they look like skimmers.
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    My mess of a tank - can you help it?

    Tbh,I wouldn't bother with the hc,it can be a pita if your lights and co2 aren't right.I made the mistake originally of getting loads of different kinds of plants,I think less is more really,in terms of species anyway.
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    My mess of a tank - can you help it?

    Imo,I'd go with the stump,or the snaking branches,not both.If you need caves,you can hide them in the background plants.If you want to see them though,your link made me think,you could cover flat/large pebbly shaped stones with the moss and net as shown,do the same with two or three coco...
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    My mess of a tank - can you help it?

    Hi Assaye!!!Good luck with the tank,dosen't look too bad,I know what you mean though,the greens don't seem vibrant.I think a lot of that will sort itself out once you've got your ferts and co2 sorted. I think introducing a bit of hardscape would help,two or three interesting pieces of redmoor or...
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    Nutrient Rich Substrate that sand can go on top off

    Damn that about Tropica plant base,I've just ordered a bag!!I've currently got a tank running 100% sand that everything except swords and crypts does well in,I target the roots of these with api root tabs in this tank (Argos playsand). In my 125,I have a layer of laterite (never clouds when...
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    Growing spatterdocks

    Sorry to throw up such an old thread,but I've just bought one of these,for a two foot tank :shock: I like the idea of containing the roots,do you think the bottom of a plastic drink bottle would work? Ed,you don't happen to have any photos of yours in situ do you?
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Took delivery of my new fire reds this morning,bad timing as I wanted to have the other tank set up but I'm still waiting on substrtate and plants from AE.Soooo,they had to go in the 125 with my yellow aggies,the fire reds seem much more docile and go about the upper levels more,yellows appear...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Well it's pretty much the way you describe it,they sort of come accross each other by accident,male spots female and darts at her ,female hightails it.So far they're pretty much avoiding each other and look quite happy going about their business seperately.Good to watch,they're not scared of me...
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    fish swimming up and down repeatedly

    The only fish of mine I've seen do that for no APPARENT reason are my khulis.
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    Clown Loach Question

    6 ft????!!!Are you sure?I find my khulis and neons take care of the snails,the neons love snail eggs,I've practically no snails now.
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    splitting anubias

    This interests me too,obviously,if you cut off the growing end,that end still grows in that direction (I've planted a couple the wrong way round in hindsight!!),but what happens if you have two cut ends?
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Ooh God,crikey!!This sounds like it could be interesting!!
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    What size do these start maturing at?When I got these ones they were teensy,really,only about an inch if that.I think the male is noticably bigger now but the female appears a bit smaller,are the females always smaller? Really excited about these fish,they've been on my wish list for so long,the...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Ha,absolutely no chance of a photo of the young pair,they're in my bigger tank and very elusive (and very small still!!).I'm pretty much positive it's a pair,bought off a breeder and cichlid enthusiast,male was showing colour when bought and even more so now,female is still in camoflage!!(quite...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Cheers,tbh,I thik I like the look of rasboras over pencil fish,they'll probably keep out of the apistos way,was just worried about whether they would go after fry or not.And I'm seeing what you mean about the aggression between each other,I have a very young pair,about an inch long,who you're...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Hi folks,I've recently got another little two footer which I'm in the process of setting up for a pair of apistogramma agasizzi who are waiting for this terrible weather to let up before they're delivered to me. Obviously,this is to be a planted tank,it's also however to be a breeding tank for...
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    Fin Rot?

    I've got a veiltail bristlenose,had it a good few months now and it also has large white portions on it's fins,perfectly healthy though,think it's just a colouration issue (mine is female btw).
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    Matts 60L Jungle Edge (update 27/09/09)

    Re: Matts 60L That looks great,think it'll look fantastic when grown in,I like a bit of space,gives a nice clean look which makes the denser planting areas look lush.
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    40x20x20 "Stag's antlers"

    def no4 here too.
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    Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End

    Re: Tonsers 200L Optiwhite Stunning,and the clarity as well is amazing,almost as if there's o water at all,clearer than crystal.
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Piccy time,I know I waffle but mostly it's for my benefit (tank diary really).Not the best pics,rubbish camera,rubbish photographer,but you get the idea. Small tank: Not a huge difference here,the anubias,one of them anyway (last plant sticking out behind the bogwoood at the back)has had at...
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    fissidens fontanus - how fast does it grow?

    Haha,you actually inspired me to pull off the 'tufts' and tie them on today,had a bit of a play about at wc time.
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    fissidens fontanus - how fast does it grow?

    I find it GROWS reasonably quickly (I have a no tech tank!!),but doesn't SPREAD quickly.It fills out really quick then starts to get a bit long in the 'middle' .I pull these bits off and tie them down near the original planting and the gaps soon fill in. Funny,I was having a really close look at...
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    Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End

    Re: Tonsers 200L Optiwhite (now featuring hardscape !) I've just read this start to finish and all I can say is,all that waiting,all that wood from the States and you used Redmoor!!!!! :lol: (looks damn fine though).
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    Hi,I've got a little 2 foot tank with just playsand substrate going great for aroud 6 months now.I just use flourish excel (carbon supplement) every other day (1ml or so)and 1ml or so flourish (fert) per week.This tank is REALLY basic compared to some of the set ups on here but going great...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    New plant addition today,echinodorus latifolius,plated round the base of my mamba rock to soften the edges a bit,witheld a couple of plantlets for the sand tank so off to plant them up now. Anyone any pics of this growing in situ?I saw it about a week ago and thought it looked nice (and small)...
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    Which substrate and plants would be best for low maintenace?

    :shock: crikey,yeh,I just googled them!!!What size is yours?
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    Amazónia Dream

    Wow,very,very nice,(not just what's inside it),tank and stand are pretty nice,have to check this natural aquario out. The angels are stunning.
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    saintly's MA 120x 50 x 70cm scape.5months old

    Re: saintly's MA 120x 50 x 70cm scape. :lol: I think they look like those red salmon with the big jaws.
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    Starting new pond

    I'm moving in with the bf soon and a pond is one of my projects.I was also thinking about having it raised,raised beds all the way round actually,was also thinking of using sleepers.I'd have it raised up to a certain level,lined and filled to this level,then the final sleeper laid on top,ie,so...
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    320l Discus tank, becoming planted !

    This tank is absolutely beautiful,for me,one of the nicest I have seen.Don't know if it's the discus or what,but just the overall effect is stunning,I bet you could sit and watch it for hours,visitors must be well impressed!!
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    saintly's MA 120x 50 x 70cm scape.5months old

    Re: saintly's MA "long term" scape. Beautiful tank as usual,damn those rainbows are ugly mothers though.Great to see a Saintly long term tank,gives people like me inspiration as I don't have the funds to be constantly spending on plants. God,that makes me soud really tight,but I've seen how...
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    TDI's Blyxa - Riverbank (picture update 19/5/09)

    Blyxa looks great against the wood,especially that first pic.
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    Which substrate and plants would be best for low maintenace?

    What about your water?Will the puffer not have to go increasingly more brackish as it gets older?
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Well,no survivors from my gourami's first batch,not a great surprise for me as it was totally unplanned and they really could have done with being in a tank of there own,not sharing with plecs and cories.I am going to set up a big storage tub as a breeding tank and give it another shot,figure...
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    Gourami problems

    I've had 6 Honey Dwarf Gouramis since Nov and they are doing great,no deaths,in fact I have BABIES today!! Bear in mind that there are two different honey dwarfs,one is the true one,it has the same shape as the bue dwarfs and looks very dull in the shops but apparently colours up a treat when...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Still here,just NO time for anything at the mo,tanks are going great,plants are all doing well.My mystery plant has sent off a runner and another plantlet,and ferns and mosses are multiplying. I won't be around much until I get a routine going,just shut my shop and my head is up my arris most of...
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    killer shrimp?

    God,he's quite evil looking,isn't he? :shock:
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    Which floating plant has very long roots?

    I got some amazon frogbit off Oatfish a while back which is starting to take off now,I'd say the roots were about 10cm just now and I think they add a real natural touch.My gouramis love hanging out in them,and I dare say,if they got too long,they'd be very easy to just lift out and chop them...
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    'Super-pico' tanks :D

    It does look like fun,I guess the closer you can get it looking like a large tank in miniature scale is the point,and not to actually look like a tiny tank from a photo.
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    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125 Lol,hadn't eve noticed the background until it was pointed out,I think the tank looks great.
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    5cm cube (inspired my mr.luke)

    Yeh but if she did she would think you were MENTAL :lol:
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    Shrimp and the lunar cycle?

    Stranger things can happen,the lunar cycle affects loads of things in nature.
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    Sedona - 20L (Liza's Tank - Update)

    Re: Liza's 20L Nano Tank They used to make you drink liquids to prove they were ok,baby formula etc :shock:
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    saintly's "The Miracle Mire" scape over

    Re: saintly's "The Miracle Mire" My lfs had some gold balloon rams the other day,along with the blue ones.
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    regarding the water for changes...

    Louis,you're in Central Scotland also aren't you?The spring water is DEFINITELY not the same as our tap water.I'd say much more mineral content,I recently was without water in my shop for a while and had to use bottled spring water in my kettle.I actually had deposits on my kettle,like...
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    A crazy question from a crazy person

    Lol,I'm with you on that one SC.
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    Ideas for my tank

    OK,well we NEED update pics when you have made some changes!!
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    A crazy question from a crazy person

    Lol :lol: All these housewifes and businessmen going about their everyday lives,we're all part of a secret underground society.I wonder how many of us even talk bout it to our oh's?
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    Tank 2!!!

    Well,sad git that I am,I have a little picture and plant list that I have drawn out but I've left it at me work.Off the top of my head,Marti's Sword,anubias nana,nana petite,java fern,windelov,fissidens,various mosses,I've got hc cuba and marsilea hirsuta here for it already (aswell as some...
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    My rio 240 planted discus tank

    Re: Rio 240,hc emmersed setup Not much's changed?The Blyxa is a monster who looks like it's just finishing off a tree!!It's massive!New camera really shows off the tank,looking great and mega healthy.
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    Tank 2!!!

    (Just icase you take offence,I'm only joking,there's not much you can say really about a bit of wood sitting in an empty tank is there?)
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    Tank 2!!!

    Lol!!Can you not read??!!!! :lol: It's just dumped there for now till the weekend probably.
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Hey Willis,I'm not big into this cycling malarky,I just use mature filters and trust me,water changes are not a problem :lol: Two 50%+ changes bi#weekly plus lots of smaller sand vacs (I'm completely anal,pardon the pun,about visible poo!!). I'll keep an eye on them,still seem healthy,they were...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Hi Hijac,I got the ancistrus and gouramis from The Aquarium at Bankside in Falkirk,the cories from Dobbies in Stirling.TBH,I can't wildly enthuse about either,but lfs are limited around here. My bro has got a lot of fish from Riverside in Stirling,but I'm biding my time for a visit to Inside...
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    Pearling after a water change? Why?

    Could you try filling the jug with tank water,doing a water change,letting the water settle for a few minutes then removing the jug.I'm fairly convinced it's air in the water being replaced as my plants are covered in bubbles after a water change.
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Hi Wilis,to be honest,you know more than I do!!I went and saw these in the lfs 4/5 times before I bought them and heard the owner refer to them by about 3 different names,so maybe a visit to that site with a good pic would be a good idea for a definite id. I was checking them over this morning...
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    Tank 2!!!

    At last!!Work begins on tank 2!! I won this tank on eBay way back months ago for £56,that was tank,hood,stand,filter,heater,various other bits and bobs.That was around about the time I found you guys and after researching substrate,plants,etc,had to put this on hold,mainly due to the cost of...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    One of my veiltail ancistrus,this is the bigger of the two I'm pretty sure.Looks like it's got white edging on it's fins but they're actually shredded,hopefully this will grow back as they're still pretty small (largest one is about 2.5" body size).
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    Cory safe substrate

    I'm setting up another tank and had lots of advice on substrate.I'd decided on eco-complete,but after buying some panda cories and seeing JUST HOW MUCH THEY LOVE the sand,I ordered a bag of tahitian moonsand. So I have eco-complete piled up at the back and sides for planting,and quite a...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Yep,Iv'e looked at the TPN+,would that replace the flourish?Ie,I'd still dose excel with TPN+? And enthusiasm?Buckets for something I have an interest in. My bf was watching me doing yet another water change the other night and said 'I don't kow how you can be bothered,what a pain in the arris'...
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    oh my!

    I take it you don't watch Emmerdale then? :lol:
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    oh my!

    Nice. :|
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    That sounds about right,it gradually goes green to pink top to bottom.The plantlet,it's getting bigger so I'll get a new pic.Obviously,it has long spatula shaped leaves,same width all the way up with rounded tops.I've noticed that the leaves are sort of upright during the day,and get lower and...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Is it(hygro)?Ah well Saintly,seems I dismissed your suggestion too early,I really didn't think reading the description on AE that it would grow in this tank.It is growing but I'm not sure if it will thrive,time will tell.Beeky,does your's have very distinctive pale veins,almost white,runing...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Yay,the rest of my substrate order arrived from AE yesterday,so I made a start on the main tank last night.I think it's going to be too complicated to run both these tanks in the same thread so I guess another thread is in order once I've taken a few photos.For some reason this tank makes me...
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    Large water changes,any danger to fish?

    Thanks guys,you're putting my mind at rest.Like I said,the fish seem fine,they even seem to enjoy both the new water and the actual changing of it,weird fish,even the plecs seem to come out to 'play' during water change. Frequency is not a problem,the one thing I DO NOT like about sand is that...
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    Large water changes,any danger to fish?

    As per the title,my two foot tank got a really good hoover on Sunday and I would hazard that in the process almost all the water was changed. Couple this with a light hoovering of visible doodoo most days,will these large,almost complete,well,probably more than 100% per week changes harm my...
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    gold neon tetra

    I personally think that having a shoal of small fish is just as much a centrepiece as one or two larger 'centrepiece' fish and don't really like to see tetras of similar size mixed.Just my opinion,but I think they lose a little magic once you start mixing them up.
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    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Six years of 'scaping Beautiful,and you also have very well behaved fish!!
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    plants dieing

    I'm no expert but I've read enough to know that it's quite common for crypts to die right back then start sprouting again.Also,the anubias,I'd be inclined to look for different reasons for it's die-back.Is it new?Did you trim it back or remove any dying leaves?Where did you get it,how have you...
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    Where are you from?

    What's the village called Simon? I'm from a little village called Wallacestone,about 2 miles out of Falkirk as the crow flies.Our park at the top of the road is a vantage point or something,I think the eleventh best in the country or something like that (somebody told me a long time ago,it has...
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    java plants plant collections?

    I would be very wary of anything copper treated if you have shrimp.
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    saintly's "The Miracle Mire" scape over

    Re: saintly's "The Miracle Mire" Pretty damn nice.
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    Ed's Rio 180

    Ok,sorry,my bad.
  93. G

    Ed's Rio 180

    Isn't that what's supposed to happen?I thought it was the male that did brood care?
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    From scratch.. pretty much

    Did you manage to get a pic of the lotus flower?I've always thought that would be something pretty amazing in an open topped tank,I'm even planning on setting up 3 planters on my decking with waterlillies for summer.
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Can anyone help id these?This is the pink stem I got from PAH: This is my icklebickle mystery baby plant (it's roughly .75" tall): And just for the hell of it (I don't need an id!!),one of the little orange guys!!: (Updated tank pic in post 1).
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    calculating amount of needed substrate

    Ah ok,my bad :oops:
  97. G

    new scape :)

    Nice!You could add the cabomba,but tbh,I think it looks great with the plants you have,cabomba would fill it quickly,that's ok if that's what you want,but you have a really nice shape there.I personally really like these 'islands' with lots of sand showing,it looks really clean and crisp. One...
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    new 'tank'

    Sweet!You can appreciate it more when you get a better feel to the overall size etc.Look forward to seeing how your growth goes. Just for an aesthetic point of view (my opinion only you understand,to be ignored at your leisure!),I'd fill the water right up,and maybe find a solid trim that the...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Thanks Ray,tbh,unless this tank develops issues,I think I'm going to keep the spraybar for the bigger tank(thanks for the advice though,I'll put it where you suggested on the big tank).Re the Excel,I have no idea,I haven't got it yet! I'll take it a step at a time and if any deficiencies arise,I...