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    Is There An Easy Starter Carpeting Plant?

    Hi All. Im off to the Oliver Knott day on Sunday at the Green Machine, and would like to pick up a carpeting plant, is there an easy one to try for someone thats not had any before. Tank Stats. 4ft Tank Around 220 litres. Lighting. 2x39w T5 Lamps plus one 38w T8 I have around 10x...
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    Sony Ericsson W760 Mobile Pi (Any one have any reviews on th

    As the title really has any one here got any experience with the Sony Ericsson W760i Black mobile phone. I have always stuck with Nokia's before but like the look of this one. Plus i can get this on a free upgrade. Many Thanks Gordon.
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    All In One Solution Based On EI

    At the moment im using James all in one solution, but would like to try a all in one solution based on the EI Solution. My tank is as follows, (Taken from the volume calculater on the PFK Website) Dimensions 122 x 38 x 50cm/48" x 15" x 20 Volume 232 l./51 gal. (61.29 US gal.) Probable...
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    Where To Get 15w Ballasts

    Well my Ballast has packed up on my Fluval Duo 600 Deep tank, i have had it apart and can get to the ballast no problem, but am trying to source a 2x15w ballast, maybe electronic at the right price, can get the 18w ones no problem on ebay for about £6.00. Maybe one of the 18w ones would do, but...
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    Circulation Pump

    Hi, Im looking into getting a circulation pump for my planted tank, that can sit in the cabinet out of the tank. This will have a inline co2 reactor on the return side Now i have found two that i like the look of the first one is the Eheim Universal Pump...