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  1. Manrock

    Slackers Igwami

    My first Igwami. Basic lights and CO2 unit and only using two plant species. Rocks from the garden. 30% water changes twice a week, squirt of Seachem every other day. Still filling out and needs trimming in areas. Hope you like it.
  2. Manrock

    Will liquid CO2 kill emersed algae?

    Hi, doing a dry start and have a very old tank with algae growing/embedded in the corner seals. Would a brush with liquid CO2 kill it off? Or bleach?
  3. Manrock

    Slackers Igwami

    Hi all, I've kept low maintenance, low tech planted aquaria for about 15 years. Some of them have been quite nice too! I've decided to challenge myself and try an Igwami as I was losing the love (my last tank was a bit aĺl over the place). Only thing is I have to use only the current equipment...
  4. Manrock

    UV Steriliser - recommendations?

    I've trawled te site and can't find what I'm looking for.....I've run a low maintenance, heavily planted tank for nearly a decade and want to finally try an Igwami scape. I'm really scared of algae (usually just employ shrimp and fish to eat it and put up with low levels) and have read a lot...
  5. Manrock

    Mignon CO2 Regulator - Spares?

    I had a leak from my Mignon CO2 regulator so I took off the outflow nut/valve and three objects fell out - a spring, a valve type thing and a tiny gauze 'pellet'. I've no idea how they fir back in but.....after I tried to tighten the main nut I could not refit/screw in the outflow valve. I think...
  6. Manrock

    CO2 injection through filter?

    I inject my CO2 directly into my filter intake. This smashes the bubbles up and then they are spread around the tank via the outflow pipe (and flow pump). I do this because I believe that it's a more efficient (read 'cheaper') way to get the CO2 to my plants (happy to be corrected). I used to be...
  7. Manrock

    New substrate?

    I've had Eco Black in my tank for about 8 years now and want to change it over to a lighter colour (any suggestions?). Will I have to re-cycle my tank when I change it? Cheers
  8. Manrock

    Which T5 tubes for enhancing silver fish?

    Hi - is there a tube or combination of tubes that will show off the silver and reds of Rummynose tetras? I have a shoal in a planted tank and have 2 spare tube slots. Cheers
  9. Manrock

    Best 'coldwater' fish?

    We have a small planted tank, no filter or heating, in the class at school and want to introduce the children to the world of fish. I kept a small shoal of white cloud minnow in the same tank with success but it had a filter then and quite heavy flow rates. Will white clouds be ok in a 'still'...
  10. Manrock

    External nano heater?

    Do they exist? I have an unheated nano but this time of year it gets cold (14C) and some plants don't seem to enjoy that. The shrimps seem ok but was trying to raise the temp to around 18C. I used a small internal heater but it took the tank to 25C on it's lowest setting and it looked awful as...
  11. Manrock

    Remineralisation ...?

    I have a 180 litre planted tank with a few CRS that I am trying/hoping to breed - I use RO and then add Kent 'RO Right' to adjust it back to soft/very soft water. My question is do I need to add any other re-mineralisation product to help the CRS thrive? They have been in the tank for 8-9 months...
  12. Manrock

    Fluval Edge 12 gallon...

    A mate of mine has got one of the tall Fluval Edges' and wants an iwagumi style scape. Having looked at it the light output I can't really see how he is going to get a carpet of anything going. Has anybody seen anything similar scape-wise in one of these tanks or could point me in the right...
  13. Manrock

    Best shoaling fish?

    I'm due to restock my 170 litre tank and I'm looking for an active, attractive, shoaling fish. I have the remnants (12 left of 25) of an ageing shoal (+5 years) of Cardinals but have to say that I have been very disappointed with them. They are a beautiful fish but spend most of their time...
  14. Manrock

    CRS berried...

    ...but no young ever appear. Hi - sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I have a very small colony (6) of CRS and I have seen the dominant female berried twice now but have never seen any young. They are in a heavily planted, med. tech tank with Cherries, Cardinals and an SAE. I have CO2...
  15. Manrock

    Easy reds...?

    I'm looking for an easy to grow, vibrant red plant. I have moderate light, injected CO2 and ferts. My water is not amazingly soft however (but not hard either). Any ideas - Rotala looks too demanding for me but what about Lugwigia sp, Limnophila hippuridoides or Alternanthera reineckii? Cheers
  16. Manrock

    Fluval Edge lights?

    A friend has a Fluval Edge (the tall one) and the lighting seems a bit low to me. I remember seeing something on here about an upgrade unit that just clipped into the 'hood' of the Fluval - but I can't find it! Anyone have any thoughts or could point me to the correct thread? Cheers
  17. Manrock

    Inline Diffuser

    Just got one of these Up Inline diffusers and I'm wondering if anyone has a 'quick release' type set-up that I could copy? What I've been told is that they can get dirty and clog so I'd like a way to be able to get at it as easily as possible. I might also place it pre-filter so it will need...
  18. Manrock

    Powerhead. Which one?

    I'm looking at adding a powerhead to my set up (I keep hearing about 'flow distribution' and I can see them on the tanks I envy) but I'm a bit confused as to what to look for. I want something small and unobtrusive to the eye; quiet; reliable and cheap! Also I've seen some that mention -...
  19. Manrock

    Inline CO2 Atomizer

    Thinking of getting one of these inline CO2 atomisers; UP Inline CO2 Atomizer 12/16mm (D-508-12) I was wondering if there is any reason not to place it 'pre-filter' rather than between filter and outlet pipe? I can't think of a reason not to but I may be missing something drastic! I...
  20. Manrock

    Chilli Raspora

    I've been trying to get a shoal of these beautiful fish (Boraras brigittae) for some time, without success. I've put an order in with my local MH aquatics shop but they say that they can only get them in batches of 2000. They also say that they are often supplied as a similar species that...
  21. Manrock

    How to lower KH and GH?

    My KH and GH seem a bit high for my planned introduction of Crystal Red shrimps (although my Cheery Reds thrive in it). The results are from a dip test so must be treated as very approximate; pH 6.8 KH 7 GH 10 I usually make my water 50:50 with RO:Tap as well as adding a pinch of the Kent...
  22. Manrock

    New Lighting Scheme...

    Hi all, I'm about to upgrade the lighting on my 170 litre tank from an Arcadia T8 Luminaire to a T5 overhead. Rescape (How to avoid mess and death). | UK Aquatic Plant Society The rescape has gone well except that the Pogostemon erectus and helferi have not faired well. While trying to...
  23. Manrock

    Our School's Walstad Bowls.

    This journal has been completed by the children in my class (they are 9-10 years old) so please go easy with any comments please guys. I have added some comments in brackets to their original text just to show them that they needed to be clearer with their instructions. Hopefully we can get time...
  24. Manrock

    Shrimp mix?

    I have Cherry Red shrimps in my planted tank but loved the look of some of the other species that I saw at Aquatics Live. Thinking of Crystal Reds really. Can I add a different variety of shrimp to my tank? Will they just inbreed and I'll loose the variation within a few generations? Cheers
  25. Manrock

    Help with LED lighting/Engineering problem?

    I am running a Walstad Bowl/Shrimp breeding project viewtopic.php?f=23&t=23623 in my class and need a bit of inspired thinking. I have clip-on LED lights and curved fish bowls. At the moment they do not sit well together. I'd like the LED situated centrally and horizontally above the opening of...
  26. Manrock

    Rescape (How to avoid mess and death).

    So I've been keeping a planted tank for about 8 years now and have really only just got the knack of keeping the algae down, the fish alive and maintenance to less than an hour a month. Visitors to the house all complement me on my tank and one friend has even been inspired to start his own. The...
  27. Manrock

    Lights for a Walstad bowl?

    Looking around on here I have been inspired to try a Walstad bowl set-up. However I'm skint and need some ultra cheap, cool looking lights for under a tenner and maybe even that can just clip onto the bowl. Has anyone got any ideas? Can I get a cheap deak lamp and swap the bulb to something that...
  28. Manrock

    Cold water planted Nano?

    Has anyone tried a cold-water planted nano? I have cycled a small tank (25L/6gallon) and have 16W of light and a big (for this tank) external filter (recycled from my 'normal' planted tank) and I'm looking to stock it pretty soon. I was thinking of a shoal of white cloud minnow but I'm a bit...