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  1. amy4342

    Lots of Algae Problems

    Hi all As a previous member, I've not been on here for some time because I had to give up all of my tanks while I moved house a few times. I'm now back on my feet and I purchased this 6' x 2' x 2' tank in January 2017. I planted it and ran it without fish for around 6 months whilst the plants...
  2. amy4342

    Please could someone check EI dosing

    Hi all It's been a really long time since I posted here - I've been out of the hobby for a good few years. It's so good to be back :) I was lucky enough to pick up a display model Aqua Oak 450l systemised tank and cabinet with a damaged tank, so they replaced the tank with an opti-white...
  3. amy4342

    Do I go for T5 or LED lighting for deep tank?

    Hi all Well, it's been a while since I've posted here - I've taken some time out of the planted tank scene due to a house move and renovations. These are finally finished, so I've finally been able to get a tidy sized tank. I finally settled on a Maidenhead Aquatics Aqua Oak tank, with...
  4. amy4342

    Help please, noisy Eheim 2126

    Hi all I've had my Eheim 2126 for about 8 years now, and it's always been great. All of a sudden, about 3 months ago, it suddenly became very noisy, sounding similar to when it's got air moving inside it. I stuck with it for about a month, because I was too busy to do anything about it...
  5. amy4342

    Amy's New Journal (No name yet lol)

    Hi all I've had this scaped for a while now, been meaning to post it on UKaps for ages, but with an 8 - 8 job and two Level 3 Open University courses, it just hasn't happened. I was wanting to do a week by week update, but it's been set up now for 12 weeks now, so I guess that's out the window...
  6. amy4342

    Converting reg from disposable to FE

    Hi all I've got a regulator which fits onto Clarke disposable bottles. I want to convert it to run FE's so I bought the D+D convertor from AE. It fits the FE fine, but has a different thread to the regulator. Does this mean that D+D have their own specific thread like Dennerle, or am I missing...
  7. amy4342

    How to eliminate snails

    Hi all Unbelievable, I've added Ramshorn snails to my new setup, despite my best efforts not to. I'm most unhappy to be honest - I despise the little critters. It's going to be a CRS breeding tank, so obviously I can't use chemicals. There is some good news - they're newly hatched, im pretty...
  8. amy4342

    Crystal Palace

    Hi everyone. After taking delivery of my first Opti White tank from Aquariums Ltd, I thought I'd better start my first journal too. I ordered this tank specifically to house my Crystal Red Shrimp, hence the name Crystal Palace (5* accomodation you know :lol: ). I've got approximately ten S+ to...
  9. amy4342

    Co2 tubing degrading in tank

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem before - the co2 piping in my goldfish tank seems to break down. It's like it crazes and then releases the co2 from the cracks before it gets to the diffuser. That in itself isn't a problem because the bubbles it releases are quite...
  10. amy4342

    Comp_Nov09: When you wish upon a star

    Name: Amy James (amy4342) Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): Hmmm, well, it's 12" high and the overall diameter is roughly 20cm. I worked out the volume of the tank by drawing the star on paper, working out the area by splitting it into triangles and then divided 2700 (2.7l in cubic cm's) by...
  11. amy4342

    Comp_Nov09: VW Decay

    Name: Amy James (amy4342) Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 12 x 20 x 12 Aquascape Name: VW Decay Hardscape/Materials used: Naturesoil, Pea gravel, VW Camper van model, model bricks Plants: Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba, Eleocharis parvula, Rotala Rountifolia Fertilisation: Easy Carbo...
  12. amy4342

    Cheap Soloenoid

    Hi all I've been doing a bit of thinking (don't laugh - it's not funny :D), and I came the the conclusion that the solenoid I use on my welder will do the same job on my co2 system. So I tried it and it did. Welding solenoids seem to work out cheaper than solenoids designed specifically for...
  13. amy4342

    Is this convertor for FE?

    Hi guys I've been using disposable bottles from Machine Mart, but I've now bought a FE so I'd like to convert my current unbranded reg to fit a FE. Will the D+D converter be suitable? It says, 'Converter for use on the D & D CO2 Set for fresh water and the JBL CO2 Set Easy system to allow the...
  14. amy4342

    Opinions on these lights

    Hi all I was wondering if anybody has any experience with these lights http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWAX:IT. I really like the look of it, but I'm wondering what bulb it takes and what it looks like from above - the seller has only included images of the inside which dosen't...
  15. amy4342

    'scaping ideas for a 30x30x22"

    Ok peoples - here's your chance to shine! I'm looking for some ideas for my new opti-white which is going to be an early (I hope!!!) Christmas present. I'm going with Nature Soil as a substrate, FE with inline diffuser co2 and EI dosing. The tank holds 325l/72g, has an eheim 2126 (thermo) and...
  16. amy4342

    Death by dropchecker!

    Just as it says in the title - a cardinal, inside the drop-checker bulb. Not, like, caught in the neck - INSIDE the bulb. It's not as if it was a small fish - it was practically doubled up in there. I know it wasn't in there very long as I happened to be doing a wc at the time, but I'm assuming...
  17. amy4342

    Woo! My galaxy Rasbora have spawned!

    I can't believe it! I haven't even had the fish that long - around 3 months. I noticed the females were fairly plump when i rescaped a few weeks ago but didn't think anything of it. Then I noticed eggs Wednesday night, but I was fairly sure they'd get eaten because I've got Galaxy Rasbora...
  18. amy4342

    Weird Drop Checker

    Ok, this is soooo strange. I've just rinsed out my 2 drop checkers. Filled them both back up again, with exactly the same solutions, one is blue and the other is a diamond green colour!!! So strange! Both solutions are exactly the same! I've retried it loads of times - the small drop checker is...
  19. amy4342

    Oliver Knott Substrate

    Ok, so I haven't heard a lot about the Oliver Knott Substrate, but I decided to take the plunge anyway and bought it for my recent nano rescape (journal coming soon!). Well, I've just finished the rescape, so thought I'd share my thoughts on it. I really like it! I like the colour and texture...
  20. amy4342

    Recommend a plant like Helferi/Tenellus

    Hi all. I'm looking for a tall background plant for my nano - I really want to use Cyperus Helferi, but I think it's too tall-the tank is only 25cm, or can I just trim the tips off the Helferi? Another plant I think looks similar is Tenellus, but this is too short - I just can't win :D. So can...
  21. amy4342

    New external CO2 diffusers

    Hi all I don't think these have been shown before, so I thought I'd post them here because they look good! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Brand-New-CO2-Mix ... m153.l1262. I don't know what this would be like although it looks interesting (but big!) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Diffuse-React ... m153.l1262...
  22. amy4342

    Diffuser for yeast co2

    Hi all. I'm currently using 2 Hagen Nutrafin canisters in my low-tech tank, and I'm using the ladders that come with them, but they're so unslightly! Does anyone use glass diffusers with them, or is the pressure not great enough? Also, would the diffusion rate be as good as with the ladders. Thanks!
  23. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Hi all. I'm looking for a new filter for my nano - I've got a HOB and I find it quite inefficient and it disperses out a lot of co2, so I'm looking for an external filter which will have an inline diffuser, inline heater and spray bar. Thing is, the nano only holds 15l (including displacement)...
  24. amy4342

    Slime in RO unit

    Hi all I've got a Kent 3 stage R.O. unit. The water collects in a large food-grade plastic vat. It's got a maxijet pump in it which attaches to a food-grade plastic hose, which is siliconed out of the tub and onto a hose-pipe connection which keeps the unit sealed. The water in the tub has a TDS...
  25. amy4342

    Snail eating fish

    Hi all. I've got an infestation of Ramshorn snails, which I totally hate. I'm so desperate to get rid of them that I've even bought Assassin snails, but they're not swinging the battle my way so to speak. The tank is only a nano - 20l, and I've got Crystal Red Shrimp so I can't use snail killer...
  26. amy4342


    I'm rescaping my tank over the Christmas Holls (just blagged myself some lovely redmoor from The Trading company :) ), so I was thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity to replace the substrate because I'm ripping everything out anyway. Not sure if it needs replacing tho, thinking...
  27. amy4342

    Co2 Regulator

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone could show me where I can buy a Co2 regulator for a disposable cylinder (like the welding ones). I've found that, as long as I buy them from Machine Mart on a VAT free day, they work out cheaper than buying a fire extinguisher and refilling it (since refils are...
  28. amy4342

    Drop Checker

    Hi all I've just ordered new stuff for my drop checker because I was running out. I've ordered the 4dkh and the Refil for the JBL Permenant C02 test which is labelled bromothymol blue. I've added 3ml of 4dkh solution and 3 drops of bromothymol blue, but the solution turns a dark blue. I thought...
  29. amy4342

    Cheapish disposable bottles

    Hi all. Just thought I'd mention that Machine Mart do VAT free days every so often (you have to subscribe to them though, I know you can do it in-store, not sure about online), and they sell 600g Clarke Weld bottles of Co2 for £7.99. Normal price including VAT is £9.39.
  30. amy4342

    New tank concern

    Hi all I've finally got my long awaited tank - it's gorgeous! The cabinet and hood are both absolutely stunning, but think I might have a problem with the actual tank itself - the tank is 30" x 30" x 20" and they've used 8mm glass, which I thought is a little thin. The problem is that when the...
  31. amy4342

    Cal Aqua Diffuser

    Hi all. Does anybody know if you can use the larger Cal Aqua (17") with the Eheim external filters which have a 16" hose? Thanks
  32. amy4342

    Aponogeton ulvaceus

    Hi all. I came back from a 4 week holiday yesterday to find that my Aponogeton ulvaceus has put out leaves which are up to 40" long in some cases! It's blocking out most of the light unsurprisingly, so was wondering if someone could tell me how to trim it. Thanks!
  33. amy4342


    Hi all I need a regulator and solenoid for my FE - I saw this one on eBay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dual-Gauged-CO2-R ... .m14.l1318. Anyone had any experience with this one or could recommend me a better one? Thanks
  34. amy4342

    Advice needed on new set-up

    Hi all I've got my new tank on the way - this is the one I've always been waiting for. It's a solid pine cabinet with matching hood, and opti-white glass 30"w x 30"d x 20"h. Yay! So, I want to get it right this time. I already have the lights 4x55w Interpet twin lights- a cool Christmas present...
  35. amy4342

    Dennerle Co2

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone here used the Dennerle re-fillable Co2 canisters (the classic line range)? I read somewhere that the bottles are only refillable by dennerle stockists? I can't see how that would be, but it does mean that I won't be able to go with a dennerle kit if it is the...
  36. amy4342

    Nano Tank

    Hi all. Well, the long awaited nano has arrived - it's amazing! (obviously ). Just wanted to run a few things past you:- 1. The bogwood is covered in fungus - It's like a very fine white misty stuff that totally covers the bogwood. I soaked the bogwood in boiling water prior to admission, but...
  37. amy4342

    New tank-advice needed

    Hi all. I'm looking for some advice on what substrate to use when setting up my new tank. I've been dabbling with plants for a few years now, and have decided to take the plunge with my new set-ups. I've got two tanks on the way - one is the main tank (30"x30"), but a substrate for this is not a...