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  1. scottturnbull

    Scott's boring aquascape aka 'undergrowth'

    This is technically the first aquascape I've ever done. It happened entirely by chance. I was having trouble keeping the tank going without substrate, so ordered some eco-complete, with the intention of growing various plants in pots, like I normally do. But with the tank emptied, and the plants...
  2. scottturnbull


    Anyone know what this is?
  3. scottturnbull

    D-D CO2 Regulator

    I am considering this Deltec CO2 regulator. I was going to get one of the German ones, but once delivery is factored in, they're about the same price. Anyone tried one of these, or heard anything about them? It looks the same as the D-D one from AE - which looks, more or less, the same as the...