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    Amazon sword plantlets

    Could have sworn i posted this earlier but i cant see it so.... Anyway i have several large swords which have all sprouted long stalks with several plantlets on each. My quandary is this - do i cut the stalks to allow the plant in the tank to grow properly (they seem to have stopped growing for...
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    c. balansae advice

    I recently planted some C balansae in my 400 litre tank, which is fairly mature, in the hope that it would act as a nice contrasting background plant to my broader leaved swords. My question is, given my parameters detailed below, how long should it take for this plant to reach maturity? The...
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    Large sword - pruning advice

    I have a large (50cm+) leaved sword in my tank. It has produced 5 or six large broad leaves which reach the top of the tank. Only trouble is the plant looks to have stopped producing new leaves and the older leaves are getting algae on them due to their proximity to the lighting. Can i prune...
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    eheim - pah!

    Can anyone suggest another good maker of external cannister filters? Some years back when i started in the hobby i asked someone what the best in filter technology in the business was. Without hesitation that person said 'eheim'! I moved my professionel II today from one tank to another and it...
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    How long will 5kg FE last....

    ...at a rate of 2bps? Does anyone have a rough idea if they use a 5kg FE? I was hoping to get a year out of it but this may be optimistic?
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    automated fert dosing

    Anyone got any experience of automated dosing pumps for ferts? I had a quick look on the net but most of the pumps i see seem to work off a rating of so many milligrams an hour or whatever. I just need to automate adding micro/macro nutrient solutions in 20mg burst once a day. They dont seem to...
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    quote from chuck gadds planted aquarium page....

    'Alternanthera rosaefolia NOTE: apparently this is not a true aquatic. It grows emersed just fine, but dies off quickly when submersed.' Errrr....is this true!? I certainly hope not?! Mine is growing slowly but is still growing?
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    FEs and regulators

    Take your standard 2Kg CO2 FE. Take your standard D-D regulator. Looking at the FEs at work, how on earth does the regulator body clear the 'shoulder' of the CO2 tank when screwing into the thread at the side of the handle? Obviously not a problem on the 600gm bottles as the regulator is top...
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    New starter (CO2 questions)

    I have recently planted out a 400 litre tank with some relatively undemanding plants - swords, hygrophila, vallis etc etc. I wanted to have this tank co2 injected and opted (somewhat inadvisably) for the carbo plus system. After much discussion on the american planted tank forum and research on...