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  1. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    Get your scissors out guys. Some questionable criteria but overall pretty exciting. http://www.ukasc.co.uk/
  2. Piece-of-fish

    Resolved! Stopped getting notifications about personal messages received.

    As per title. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Piece-of-fish

    Amano Nano...

    Even Amano sometimes gets bored: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcPF-AeI ... ure=relmfu :geek:
  4. Piece-of-fish

    Bulk resize photos...

    Does anyone know how to do that without doing one by one? :oops:
  5. Piece-of-fish

    CO2 manifold with multiple valves

    I have been asked a lot about the manifold I use during aquatics live. Cant recommend enough these guys for co2 equipment. German quality for affordable price. Needle valves are very precise. I have two regulators from them and they both work perfect. One single valve and one with 3 needle...
  6. Piece-of-fish

    Antlers Shmantlers... (Recovering, new inhabitants)

    Hello, just to say I have not dissapeared from the scene. Just posting a little less now. No more info for now. I am lazy... :mrgreen: Water changes take too much time. Scape is aboutt 5 weeks old and growing well now.
  7. Piece-of-fish

    Some of my Shrimp...

    Hello all, just wanted to share of some of my shrimp... Hope you like them and apologies for blurry and contrast photos. Mr. Yellow Mr. Blue Pearl Mr. Golden Bee Mr. Crystal A Red Mr. Crystal SS Red Mr. Crystal A Black Mr. Crystal SS Black Mr. Black Tiger Orange Eye Pirate I am...
  8. Piece-of-fish

    2011 IAPLC results are out....

    http://en.iaplc.com/results11/results11.html :thumbup: Congratulations to all participants. Hope we will be able to see pictures soon.
  9. Piece-of-fish

    ASW Contest deadline extended to 15th of April

    Hello friends scapers. Just wanted to remind that the deadline for aquascapingworld.com competition was extended to 15th of April. Dont miss the chance. I am happy there are more and more contests in Europe. More information here: http://www.aquascapingworld.com/competition/ Good luck...
  10. Piece-of-fish

    First Pics with canon 7D in St. James park

    Hi, so i am a happy owner of 7D now and i am very happy with it. I also got 50mm 1.4 usm prime lens. After taking some advice from Mark was able to make these on Sunday. They are all straight from the camera. I was a bit surprised i shot something like that myself :lol: First 2 were...
  11. Piece-of-fish

    NA Style Baby... (Update 24.12)

    Ehehei 777th Journal :) That is what we have managed to do during LFKC meet on Sunday. Huge thanks to all the guys for coming and helping with the hardscape. This would not look as it does without your help and advice. Initially plans were very different but i am very happy how this turned out...
  12. Piece-of-fish

    Dry Start Iwagumi (first)... UKAPS + ASW project

    Finally i have overcome my laziness and starting this journal. The scape was set up together with Jurii from aquascapingworld.com on his 3 week visit to London. Long time i wanted to try dry start method and finally here it is: Excuse again the photos. I promise to make couple more in few days...
  13. Piece-of-fish

    LFKC February meet East London

    Hello. This is a tradition and this months meet is taking place at my office on Sunday 27th starting at 2pm. Food, lots of fish talk and friendly company. Hopefully we will be doing 90cm scape this time. Everyone is welcome :thumbup:
  14. Piece-of-fish

    Edward's Eternal Tranquility... (update 10.04)

    Hi and Merry Christmas all. I am starting my vivarium nano tank today. Everything is ready. All plants are coming from my other tanks. Tank is around 15l, have to measure dimensions. Filter aguapro 950lph probably will be turned down slightly. Substrate: colombo florabase. This is the first time...
  15. Piece-of-fish

    UK Aquascaping competition.. or lack of it...

    Just been thinking really, why there is no annual UK aquascaping competition. Small countries have it. This could greatly help to up the standards of aquascaping here. With such a large community i believe thing like this is a must. There are loads of sponsors who might want to contribute to it...
  16. Piece-of-fish

    Macro Lenses

    Hi, thinking about macro in the future. The question is what is the difference in 50mm macro and 100mm macro lenses for example. Regards...
  17. Piece-of-fish

    Can co2 bottle be kept horizontally or at 45 degree angle?

    Hi, as per title. Found pub bottle supplier but the bottles are 84 cm high :(
  18. Piece-of-fish

    Potassium Sulphate question...

    Hi, is the garden sulphate of potash the same as potassium sulphate? I have purchased 3kg of the stuff thinking its the same thing. Hovewer it smells really nasty ;) has smaller grain and is brown greyish color. The label says sulphate of potash which consist of potassium oxide K2O with 41,5% K...
  19. Piece-of-fish

    180L My Low Tech bedroom scenery

    Here is another one which was quite interesting to do. This scape was done 'upside down'. First came the plants and only at the end the hardscape. It was first grown as high tech. Later when i took all the stems out for another project i have abandoned it, stopped ferts and co2 and reduced...
  20. Piece-of-fish

    54L Fire Amongst Green (final photos, scape completed)

    Hi all. Want to show one of my works in progress. Needs a trim and better photography. Hope will follow in few weeks. The setup is about 3 month old. Anubias and pelia was added recently as the tank lacked something. The original intention was to have more rotalas but as you see didnt work out...
  21. Piece-of-fish

    Cheap metal halide bulbs

    Hi, i wander if cheap metal halide bulbs from the east will do the same job as more expensive ones. Anyone had any experience to comment on that? Regards...
  22. Piece-of-fish

    How to clean mineral deposit of a running tank and lilies

    Hi, whats the best way to clean an opti white tank of mineral deposit along the waterlevel line and how to clean glass lily pipes. Someone mentioned a vinegar but i am guessing its not good for a running tank with a livestock. Thanks in advance.
  23. Piece-of-fish

    Reusing Plants - Discussion

    Hi everyone... Posting here rather than in the plants section to get more attention. Am thinking about this all the time. The question is: is it possible somehow to clean the plants off algae when moving or using for another scape/tank? Have been reading that liquid carbon or hydrogen peroxide...
  24. Piece-of-fish

    Are these the same?

    Hi there. A question to experienced ones. Bought the following from garden direct: http://www.gardendirect.co.uk/sulphate-of-potash-p-218 It looks slightly different from KSO4 i got from liquidsensor, has darker color. According to wiki should be the same staff. Anyone knows for sure?
  25. Piece-of-fish

    External for 25l tank advice needed

    Hi, looking for a small external for the 25l tank. about 400lph. Was looking at fluval 105 but dont really like the build quality of fluvals. Any advice?
  26. Piece-of-fish

    Dragon stone question to experienced members...

    Hello friends scapers. Have just received an order of dragon stones. Do like it very much. Hovewer they seem to be of two types of colors. :crazy: 1. More red stones. 2. More green/grey. I have tried to give them a quick wash and look how they look in the water. They still seem to look...
  27. Piece-of-fish

    Need advice posting shrimps

    Hi all, i have not posted any fish or shrimp before and need your advice on this. I am going to post some shrimps and have warmer bags already. What about the breathing? Wont ammonia level rise to high during 24 hours. How you guys post yours?
  28. Piece-of-fish

    CO2 atomizer and DIY reactor

    Hello, has anyone used an atomizer like this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aquarium-Co2-Atomizer-System-Diffuser-16-22mm-D508-16_W0QQitemZ160377832421QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item25574383e5 Thinking about trying it. Another question is would PVC cement stick to acrilic pipe like...
  29. Piece-of-fish

    Four Seasons 300L Finish

    Hi, this is going to be a loooooooooong planning... Some of you have seen my recent topic about bottom drilled tanks. Originally i wanted to go for 370L bottom drilled but decided that its a little to big and i dont have enough experience to pull it out yet and that its better to go for...
  30. Piece-of-fish

    Using oak as hardscape

    Hello, i've heard that oak could be used in aquarium. Was wandering if anyone had got any experience with it. How long and how bad will it leach tannins? Regards.
  31. Piece-of-fish

    Bottom drilled tank, help needed...

    Hello. I am planning to do 100G optiwhite in my office and whanted to make it a bottom drilled tank. I wanted to do something like this: http://www.aquascapingworld.com/forum/a ... -tank.html The question is how these inlets are called, (the autlets are called locline as far as i know) and where...
  32. Piece-of-fish

    Is this kind of rock suitable?

    Hi, brought quite a few rocks of this type from cornwall in summer, unfortunately they have metalic veins in them so i am guessing that they are not good to put in the tank. Would be greatful for an advice on this one. Are they good or not and why if not. Regards.
  33. Piece-of-fish

    My one of the firsts scapes 'Edgeless Madness'

    Hi, i have been here for a while getting into this amazing hobby of aquascaping and its time to start couple journals finally. This is my recent attempt which actually was born just using spare material i had. the only thing i bought was fluval 205 used filter. The tank was purchased originally...
  34. Piece-of-fish

    New Anubias nana died for no reason

    Hello, i have bought and put in to my office tank anubias nana, after about 1 week i have noticed couple leaves that started to rot, today i wanted to remove the affected leaves but when i took out the plant it has completely falllen apart and rhizome was all rotten and smelled horrible! The...
  35. Piece-of-fish

    Akadama versus Gravel+laterite...

    Hello again :wave: A question to our pros. At the moment i have a gravel substrate + 550g of laterite in my 180l tank. What i was thinking is if akadama would be a better option. At the moment i have some black patches in gravel, mostly i believe due to feeding my cories with JMC catfish...
  36. Piece-of-fish

    Using Liquid carbon to spotdose.

    Hello, Need a little advice on using AE or similar liquid carbon to spotdose with a paintbrush. The question would be for how long should i leave carbon on the leaves before flashing the plant with water. The problem was when i tried to do it for the first time i've burned half of my pretty...
  37. Piece-of-fish

    Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis pruning question.

    Hello, was on holidays for 5 weeks and my friends looked for the tank only occasionally. It turned out not that bad as i was expecting. The worst was lilaeopsis witch was all covered in algae. Trimmed it like a lawn so the question is will or will not it grow back :eh: and how it would have...
  38. Piece-of-fish

    Sack of Wood seized by custom!!!

    Hello everyone, was on a long holiday in Brazil recently. Had an opportunity to see some tropical fish that we have in aquariums in nature. Some cihlids, plecos in the streams and some species of tetras i believe. Since i had plenty of time had an opportunity to collect some really beautiful...
  39. Piece-of-fish

    4KH solution. Has anyone tried to DIY

    Hi, found some information on the Tom's page which says you can do your own 4kh solution (or any kh) using baking soda and distilled water plus the kh test kit. Has anyone tried this method. I know the test could be inaccurate but still it would be cost effective in my opinion. Regards.
  40. Piece-of-fish

    Glossostigma elatinoides question

    Hello there. I am new to the planted tank. Was planning to try to grow glosso in my smaller office tank but heard that its quite demanding. The set up is going to be: Tank: Fluval 90l tank, about 45cm high Substrate: Akadama with some moss peat and osmocote (thanks to James and his awesome...
  41. Piece-of-fish

    How to clean the plants of ALGAE?

    Hi everyone, have a question here. I am planning on rescaping my 180 Juwel, wondered if and how it would be possible to clean already infected plants of different types of algae. Any experience on that? Regards.