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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Hi folks,I've recently got another little two footer which I'm in the process of setting up for a pair of apistogramma agasizzi who are waiting for this terrible weather to let up before they're delivered to me. Obviously,this is to be a planted tank,it's also however to be a breeding tank for...
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    Tank 2!!!

    At last!!Work begins on tank 2!! I won this tank on eBay way back months ago for £56,that was tank,hood,stand,filter,heater,various other bits and bobs.That was around about the time I found you guys and after researching substrate,plants,etc,had to put this on hold,mainly due to the cost of...
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    Large water changes,any danger to fish?

    As per the title,my two foot tank got a really good hoover on Sunday and I would hazard that in the process almost all the water was changed. Couple this with a light hoovering of visible doodoo most days,will these large,almost complete,well,probably more than 100% per week changes harm my...
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    Running two filters,can one be turned off part of the day?

    As per the title,I am presently running both a Fluval 2+ and Fluval 3+ on my two foot tank,the intention being to have the larger filter ready to go on my main tank. Problem being though that I got some tiny Honey Dwarf gouramis at the weekend and I think they may be struggling a bit with the...
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    Goody's return to tanks,1st journal,two tanks.

    Well guys,I've spent enough time on here,looking at all your tanks,sucking in information.I bought my first tank after a break of 15 years or so a couple of months ago. I've kept fish before,specifically angels,which I had for years,but left my tank with my brother when I left home. A couple of...
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    Can someone help confirm id on an Anubias please?

    Hi there,I've just bought this plant as an Anubias Nana Petite,could anybody out there definitely confirm this?At the moment I just have photos,but once it arrives I can give leaf size etc.It's on a 4" long piece of bogwood,and has grown over the edges so that the total length of the plant is...
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    Stupid Girl's Question Regarding Plugs.

    Please don't laugh guys,but I've got a fluval 2 plus filter I've just inherited with no plug on (which I want to buy a plug for at lunchtime).What amp plug will it need?I always struggle with this :oops:
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    Plant id help please :)

    Can anyone tell me what the big sword type plant is in this tank please? : viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2156&start=20
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    Help please,worried about substrate.

    Hi all,slowly gathering stuff together to set up my tank.I've got a bag of laterite on the way which I'm happy with.But...was at Dobbies at the weekend,and after looking at the price of aquarium gravel,wow,well I went to the garden centre and bought a 25kg bag of grit. Now on the bag it says it...