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  1. YzemaN

    Plans for tank stand

    Hi I've decided to build a new tank stand for my 18"x12" tank, as the cheapo one I bought in Argos is starting to sag. I made this quick'n'dirty drawing using Google SketchUp: I left enough room to fit a door at a later point. Maybe made of frosted glass with "UKaps Baby" stencilled on it :D I...
  2. YzemaN

    Vision 180 High-Lite on Vicenza 180

    Hi Does anyone know if the Juwel High-Lite unit will fit properly on a Vicenza 180?
  3. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Hi All. Just some pictures of my 25L tank. Tank specs: Clear-Seal 18'' x 10'' x 10'' (approx. 28.1L I know) Lighting: 24W PC dimmed with a piece of Tesco's Finest grease paper :lol: Substrate: JBL Aqua Basis Plus topped with fine black gravel Filtration: Interpet PF mini Fertilisation: 1ml...
  4. YzemaN

    EI All-In-One Solution Calculator

    It's taken me a couple of months to take the plunge into EI, but inspired by Ceg's constant suggestion to up the dosage of everything and the cost of TPN+ I decided there was no time like the present. But being lazy I wanted an All-In-One solution a la TPN+ and after reading James article on...
  5. YzemaN

    Norf' London CO2 Refill

    I just got my second CO2 FE from www.firesupermarket.co.uk. The first one went from 55 bar to 50 bar in about eight weeks. Then I fitted a needle valve and apparently I had a leak so it went from 50 bar to 0 bar in just over a week. :( and I had to get another FE. I also got some CO2 tubing...