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  1. Otto72

    How safe is wire mesh in an aquarium?

    Soon I need to grow out some moss and was looking at the stainless steel wire mesh squares. I'm assuming this stuff is shrimp safe and doesn't rust or effect water parametres, only I'm a bit reluctant to put metal in a tank. Can you share your experiences in this and if there is a better/other...
  2. Otto72

    New to RO Water..

    Nearly bought everything to start up a three tank shrimp setup, I'm thinking about using RO Water, probably a silly question to ask, but would appreciate some help. RO Water is water that has been stripped of all the bad stuff that tap water has in it right? This would mean when using RO (and...
  3. Otto72

    Benibachi BeeMax and Benibachi Mineral Powder really needed for a Taiwan Bee Shrimp setup?

    As the title says are these two products necessary under the substrate for a Taiwan Bee setup? I have read a lot of threads on various forums and lot's of people seem to use this method. I also read another thread mentioning someone had an issue with foul smelling water after using BeeMax. Can...
  4. Otto72

    Horn Wood - Expensive?

    I been browsing a website that is selling some really nice wood called 'Horn Wood'. My question is the pricing, is this really worth the price they are asking? Seems really expensive, maybe because it has the ADA name slapped on it? A 30cm piece is around £30! Is it really hard to come by in...
  5. Otto72

    How much harder is it to maintain water parameters with a small tank

    Ok as you may or may not know, I haved saved up some cash for tank number 1 of 3 which is going to be more than likely a sakura or pfr tank. I was going for an ADA 60P to keep water quality easier to maintain, but I'm drawn to going with a mini garden either a M or an L and maybe in the future...
  6. Otto72

    Anubis Nana & Shrimps Myth?

    I been reading on various places that Anubis Nana is poisonous to CRS, RCS and other Shrimp species. I see many Shrimp owners with this plant in their tanks and lots of other people saying that it's just a myth and this plant will not effect shrimp in anyway. I even heard a rumour about one...
  7. Otto72

    Which Substrate do you use for RCS?

    I'm a little concerned which substrate to use for RCS, namely Sakura or painted fire red but I assume all types of RCS are the same. Ideally I wanted to use ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia, I'm told this this buffers the water PH down and I read that RCS like a higher PH level.
  8. Otto72

    Show us your shrimp tank 2013

    Well, I made a post like this here about two years ago and can't seem to find it again. So I though I would start a new one as I know you all have some awesome Shrimp tanks out there. Don't be shy let's see your masterpieces :)
  9. Otto72

    Best Sponge filter?

    Along with my new Ecco Pro 200, I want to run a small sponge filter as well, I was just wondering if there's a specific brand of sponge filter thats better than the rest? I see the brand 'JAD' showing up a lot on ebay is this a good make or are they all the same quality no matter which brand I...
  10. Otto72

    How many litres substrate for an ADA 60P?

    How many litres substrate do you think I will need for an ADA 60P tank? The dimensions are L60 x D30 x H36cm and I'm thinking a bank at each end so it looks similar to this;
  11. Otto72

    CRS Grading/Marking Chart

    Found this and thought it may be helpful to some of you :thumbup:
  12. Otto72

    Otto's Upcoming Shrimp Breeding Station

    Edited and updated 24th October 2015 Ok not much to see here just yet but this will be my journal for my Shrimp tanks. Aquarium 3 x ADA 60P * Lighting Not sure yet. Filtration Eheim Ecco Pro 200 x 3* Air Pump (1) and Sponge filters (3)* Substrate Dennerle Sulawesi Black* ADA Amazonia*...
  13. Otto72

    Red Ramshorn Questions

    Do Red Ramshorns multiply if theres only one in the tank or does it need two to tango? ;) Also what ph do they need?
  14. Otto72

    LED Spot Light Bulb E27 Screw

    I'm going to be using a hanging reptile light/s over my future shrimp tank and I have a couple of questions regarding lighting. This is the light I'm going to use which takes screw bulbs Max 150W load. The bulb I was thinking of using is a LED Spot Light Bulb E27 Screw PAR20 Warm White I...
  15. Otto72

    Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Safe

    I heard of people using stainless steel wire mesh squares in their shrimp tanks to grow their moss on, call me stupid (actually don't lol) but this metal defiantly doesn't rust or deteriorate? Also this type of metal doesn't interfere with water parameters at all? I seen some on ebay, I just...
  16. Otto72

    Which tank for shrimp 45p or 60p? ADA C/Garden or Do!Aqua?

    Ok need some more sound advice before I start spending hard earned cash lol I was gonna go for an ADA Cube Garden 45p - L45 x D27 x H30cm now I just can't decide between that or a 60p - L60 x D30 x H36cm The price difference is minimal, price isn't really a problem though, I just want the...
  17. Otto72

    New Eheim Ecco Pro 200 vs Old style Eheim 2213

    I emailed The Green Machine today about the Eheim 2213 external filter. So has the eheim 2213 has been discontinued? Anyone had any experiences with Eheim's new Ecco Pro range? Is the Ecco Pro 200 really as good as the old 2213? I saw a video on Youtube and I didn't see a spraybar...
  18. Otto72

    Hello from Hertfordshire

    Hi all I joined ukaps a while back but never posted until recently, I'm addicted to all things shrimp and also love otocinclus too ofc :thumbup:
  19. Otto72

    Shrimp and Substrate Questions

    I was going to go for ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Powder for three shrimp tanks I have planned (RCS, CRS and maybe Blue Bolt) then I read a little more about this soil and heard that after about a years use in the tank it turns into a muddy mush. Is this true? Also reading more on ADA Aquasoil it...