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  1. James Butterworth

    7 stone iwagumi

    Hello,my first post on here but I have been lurking and learning from here for over a couple of years. This is my journal... Aquarium Clearseal tank 100l Lighting 2 x 39w HO t5's 1 x 6500k osram and 1 x grolux overhead luminaire Filter and flow all pond solutions 1000ef and hydor...
  2. rustedzeke

    First Planted Aquarium

    This is my lovely 8 day old 100L aquarium - my first attempt at a planted tank! I am extremely pleased with the result. I had an order for a carpeting plant (Eleocharis sp. 'Mini'), which was due to arrive on the day that I started my aquarium, but it has been persistently delayed. Also with...