1. algae_connoisseur

    Tank prices

    Hi, I was wondering what sort of price I would pay for a 800x400x400mm tank with10mm Optiwhite glass, rimless and braceless, with polished edges? Any ideas and opinions would be much appriciated Cheers
  2. Gokul

    10mm Lily Pipe fit problem :(

    I am buying cy20 rinun and the spec is Inlet tube:¢11-15x500mm Outlet tube:¢8-12x500mm, will a 10mm lily pipe fit this ? i understand that the Inlet wont, but is there a way to fix this issue ? I can buy them separately, but i am getting the set of 10mm lily pipe in a good deal though.
  3. nduli

    glass thickness - a calculator

    I am currently engaged in debate with 1 custom aquarium builder as they don't appear to want to do my optiwhite in 8mm glass and would prefer to do it in 10mm glass. my tank is 750 length * 500 high * 450 deep they last night quoted me a tensile strength rating of 3.78 on 8mm glass as being...