1. LondonDragon

    Top 20 IAPLC 2012 Entries + UKAPS Member Entries

    Well better later than never, here is the top 20 IAPLC Results plus UKAPS Members entries. Well done everyone that participated. 1. Zhang Jianfeng (China) 2. Siak Wee Yeo (Malaysia) 3. Long Tran Hoang (Vietnam) 4. Song Pin Chen (Taiwan) 5. Yutaka Kanno (Japan) 6. Duc Viet Bui...
  2. LondonDragon

    Hungarian Aquascaping Contest (HAC) 2012 Results

    Results from the competition by our Hungarian cousins ;) #1 Main category #2 Main category #3 Main category All works from Main category: Hungarian Aquascaping Contest (HAC) - Galéria #1 nano category #2 nano category #3 nano category All works from nano category...