1. aquacoen

    Small Eheim pump; fish killer?

    For better co2 distribution in my tank I'm looking for a small pump for some extra flow. It needs to be as small as possible so I can hide it behind some driftwood. I also considered buying an active skimmer but these are all too big. Eheim has some nice small pumps but I read something about...
  2. SalvadorNL

    300L hi/med-tec scape (now low tec) For sale!

    Dear Ukaps, 1.5 month ago I introduced myself to the forum. I bought Iain Sutherlands 300L optiwhite tank he used for his barb island, which is absolutely brilliant. Although I haven't posted for 1.5 month I am really grateful for this forum as it is a valuable source of information I...