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30cm cube

  1. N

    Suggestions for my setup

    Hello, I'm setting up a 32x32x45h cm tank for high demanding plants. I was looking forward to this configuration: 1x Chihiros A 301 Plus 1x Chihiros RGB30 I made this choice because I read the A plus series gives a huge amount of light compared with the RGB series, which otherwise offer a...
  2. Ryan Young

    Fluval mini Co2 88g

    Hi all, Recently bought myself a Fluval mini Pressurized Co2 System (88g) and was planning on using it in a 30l cube to aid my 'cuba' carpet when I set the tank up. This is probably a really dumb question but if I don't ask I will never know. So do I have to use the tiny refill cartridges, i'm...
  3. JohnC

    30cm Cube - Dwarf Puffer Tank - New Journal!

    Hi Everyone, It's been years since i've journalled properly here, so as promised here is the first of my new batch. I've been busy as hell with work and moving house 8 months ago (and again a year and a half before that) that i'd had little time or space for bigger in house tanks. Brighid...