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30l nano

  1. Ryan Young

    Fluval mini Co2 88g

    Hi all, Recently bought myself a Fluval mini Pressurized Co2 System (88g) and was planning on using it in a 30l cube to aid my 'cuba' carpet when I set the tank up. This is probably a really dumb question but if I don't ask I will never know. So do I have to use the tiny refill cartridges, i'm...
  2. Ryan Young

    External filters for 30 liter Cube

    Hi all, So I purchased a Dennerle Aqua Cube 30 today from Gumtree, the tank is awesome- clean & fancy. Might have to buy a new bulb for the 11w cause it seems a bit dull and everyone i spoke to said it was bright. Anyway... I set it all up for a fishless cycle then to be scaped but the Dennerle...
  3. Chris Stokes

    30cm Nano Cube Lighting

    Hello to all, First post on the forum, although I've been a fan and follower for the past few months! I'm in the early stages of planning and setting up a 30cm, shrimp only cube and was wondering what would be the best lighting option. The tank with be high tech, and I'll be trying to carpet...
  4. CalebWM

    30cm cube

    Hi guys first journal here, glad it has finally happened after many delays! Specs: Tank: 30cm cube - superfish Lighting: Superfish led - came with the bundle Filter: Internal superfish aqua 100 CO2: TMC glass kit Fertiliser: Tropica premium fertiliser Hardscape: Mini landscape rock and...
  5. Jake101

    Jake's fix for the worst withdrawal symptoms

    Moving to an another country and going back to a student lifestyle, meaning changing apartments frequently and living on a student's budget, made me to empty my aquariums. I am currently looking for a long-term solution for apartment since I got back to labor force. Hopefully I soon have a place...
  6. CalebWM

    Choosing a carpet plant

    Hi guys, Need some help choosing a plant for a small carpet in my 30cm cube, this is my first planted tank so I want a relatively easy carpet plant, some tank info: 30cm cube Dosing Tropica Specialized Fertilizer Using pressurized CO2 3 watt LED lighting Tropica plant substrate I like the look...
  7. steveno

    My first Shrimp Nano - First Baby shrimplets!

    Hello all, With my other current scape (‘my new half Iwagumi scape’ – should prob. rename thou!) taking shape, needed a new project, it took quite a bit of persuading the misses but today my new nano tank arrived, hooray!:) Dennerle 30l nano tank – Complete set (which complete with pretty...