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  1. aquacoen

    Small Eheim pump; fish killer?

    For better co2 distribution in my tank I'm looking for a small pump for some extra flow. It needs to be as small as possible so I can hide it behind some driftwood. I also considered buying an active skimmer but these are all too big. Eheim has some nice small pumps but I read something about...
  2. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Hello, First, I would like to say a thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I would not be able to attempt to have a high tech tank if I haven't found this forum. I have read a lot, seen inspiring tanks and layouts in here, I hope some of that sticks in and helps me...
  3. nduli

    Tmc signature 900

    Guys Couple of Quick question but thinking of moving from a signature 600 to 900 but all seem to be reef systems. 1) has anyone used sumps reliably with planted tanks? It will be a low tech setup. 2) if I removed the sump does anyone know how best to blank off the holes in the back of the...