1. jsiegmund

    Which 60cm tank to pick?

    I'm looking for a new 60cm tank, part of a living room make over. The cabinet on which the tank will be placed is 60cm wide and 40cm deep, it'll be positioned against the wall. First stop were the ADA tanks, which brings me to the 60 models, with 60P being the default go-to model I guess. I...
  2. HypeBuce

    Anyone in Nottingham area selling an ADA 60P?

    looking for a 60X30X36 optiwhite tank ideally ADA. New, they're £130-140 so if somebody has a setup or spare tank they're willing to sell let me know :)
  3. Jens B

    ADA 60p - A new beginning!

    Hi all... It's been about two years since I made my first post here. Shortly after that I had to take a break from aquascaping, since I moved a few times. I did always have an aquarium up and running, but that was mainly just to keep my livestock alive. Recently I moved to some place more...
  4. CooKieS

    Ada 60P - nature aquarium

    Hi there, long Time no see but I can't leave this Beautiful hobby. I'm actually collecting stuff and thinking about the hardscape of my 2018 tank. Specs- Ada 60p Twinstar 600 led Jbl e901 Inline CO2 2kg Tropica soil powder Chihiros doctor v4 Inox pipes Hardscape: River Wood River Gravel and...
  5. Shinobi

    60p - Agent Orange AKA 'Roof on Fire'

    Hello Ukaps! After the teardown of my last tank "Reach Out" I finally got around to set up this new one - and to try a different style for now. Tank and Equipment: ADA 60p ADA Solar RGB (with shade) Atledis suspension kit DIY ADA-style Wood Cabinet In- and outflow lily's from Cal Aqua Laps...
  6. Mikeba

    Mighty Cave - ADA 60P

    Hi everyone, So it's time for a new scape. Broke down my previous one and the aquarium is looking too empty for my liking :happy: The setup: Tank: ADA 60P (60x30x36cm) Light: ADA Aquasky 601 Filter: 1x JBL 901e greenline Other Equipment: Inline atomic CO2 diffusor Chihiros Doctor Lily...
  7. MrHidley

    James 60p No3 AKA Orange n' Green

    Tank - ADA 60P Stand - Reinforced IKEA Besta CO2 - DIY set-up with 2kg fire extinguisher. Inline diffuser. Heater - Hydor Inline 300w Filter - Tetra EX1200 Plus Lights - 24" Current USA Satellite Plus Pro 30W LED Substrate - 9 Litres Tropica Powder with a thin layer of Tropica plant growth...
  8. MrHidley

    James' 60P - 6 month Update

    Wasn't happy with how the last scape was going, there were some fundamental errors in the set-up stage, so here we go again. Tank- ADA 60P Stand - DIY ADA-ish style CO2- DIY set-up with 2kg fire extinguisher. Inline UP Aqua diffuser. Heater- Hydor Inline 200w Filter- Hydor Professional 350...
  9. R

    Rob's 60P - First Tank

    I have only recently discovered Aquascaping so this is my first tank, although my parents did keep fish some ~15 years ago. I started this tank a few months ago, but spent along time trying to decide on the hardscape. Equipment I current have is underlined, everything else is still to buy...
  10. Otto72

    Otto's Upcoming Shrimp Breeding Station

    Edited and updated 24th October 2015 Ok not much to see here just yet but this will be my journal for my Shrimp tanks. Aquarium 3 x ADA 60P * Lighting Not sure yet. Filtration Eheim Ecco Pro 200 x 3* Air Pump (1) and Sponge filters (3)* Substrate Dennerle Sulawesi Black* ADA Amazonia*...
  11. miuYH

    ADA Cube Garden 60X30X36

    Day 85 Fauna: 16 Harlequin rasbora ?? Yellow Shrimp Flora: Utricularia Graminifolia Equipment: Tank: ADA Cube Garden 60-P 60X30X36 Light: Finnex Ray 2 DS Dual 7000K 24" CO2: None Filter: Eheim 2217 Keeping it real simple this time around. Planted on April 21st, 2013, this is my single...