96 liter

  1. CooKieS

    60x40x40cm Dragon stone iwagumi

    Hi there, Just settled this scape today for an Friend, though it was an good Idea to create an journal :-) He's an beginner so nothing too fancy here, just an kinda iwagumi setup full of easy plants. ;-) Tech: 60x40x40cm, optiwhite rimless tank, 96liters Twinstar e600 led JBL e901 filter...
  2. golino

    help to choose the right filter for 96 liter tank

    hi my friends m so confused how to choose the right filter for my tank some ppl told me choose the external one and some shop owners told me the internal one my tank will be planted its 60*40*40 - 96 liter ... fish will be small and friendly kinds (like swords . platy . etc )