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absolute beginner

  1. MMonis

    The 'Hygge' Space

    Hi UKAPSers, So I am planning to completely rescape my 54 litre (60cm x 30cm x 30cm) low-tech, lightly planted tank to something better. Existing tank: Substrate : Tropica Subtrat topped/capped with gravel Filter : Fluval 106 cannister and Eheim Pickup (used this only temporarily) Lighting ...
  2. PiddleMouse

    The metal clipped/glued on strip across top of tank, can I remove it?

    Hello, please will someone tell me if it is safe to remove that eyesore of a metal band/strip that runs across the upper front and upper back edges of my tank? It is not supporting the corners at all, it is just glued to the front panel and one of the back too. My gut says ''Yes, it's safe to...