ada 45p

  1. FJK_12

    ADA 45p

    Hi Everyone, starting up a new ADA 45p. Found some nice pieces of driftwood and decided to do something a bit different to what I would usually do. Tried to design a deliberate more structured scape with dominant hardscape and use plant species I haven't used before e.g. Vallisneria in the...
  2. FJK_12

    ADA 45p v2.0

    I broke down my 45p for the summer the other day, I am away for most of it so can't keep the tank going on its own. Having no other tanks set up and an empty one lying around with some hardscape I got the itch to put something together... I will have to wait to fully set this up in a few months...
  3. Nigel95

    ADA 45P Forest scape

    So I started with a nano tank and sold it pretty quick to go "bigger". I was thinking about a second high tech setup and wanted to buy an ada 60p. But I decided to go smaller and go for the ada 45p as I already have an eheim 2211 with 2 sets of lily pipes which I can use for this setup. It will...
  4. CooKieS

    Nano forest aquascape, 45x30x30

    Hi there, Time to start a new journal! :happy: Specs; -45x30x30(cm), optiwhite tank -chihiros aquasky 451 -eheim ecco pro -jbl u500 CO2 Hardscape; -black scale rocks -nano tree roots -Ada Colorado sand -Ada aqua Gravel S -tropica soil+powder+jbl volcano Plants; -mosses (A lot!)...
  5. CooKieS

    Iwagumi 45x30x30 'rock'n roll'

    Hi everyone, Forget my bad english, I'm french. :D Here's my second aquascape (first one was an messy fluval edge) and my first iwagumi; My inspiration was George Farmer's incredible iwagumi 'one pot challenge', mixed with some mountain scape. Specs: -Equipement: -optiwhite tank 45x30x30...