ada 60f

  1. C

    Help! Struggling as a beginner

    Hello all, looking for some help with some new developments in my planted aquarium. I have an ADA 60f, using a cookie+ light with CO2 injection. Tank has been set up with plants for about 4 weeks now, had no problems at all before today. I added 14 red cherry shrimp 2 weeks ago, I’ve since added...
  2. oscarlloydjohn

    oscarlloydjohn's ADA 60f

    For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive an ADA 60f and the kit to go along with it. I'll be putting a lot of my savings into this project too. I've been waiting quite a while to set this up, but I had to get my trial exams out the way before I could get going. I made a visit to Aquarium...