ada aquasky

  1. Lauris

    Dragons Den

    Hellooo all, It has been a while since I have been here. Due to studies and my job and my time, that I can spare with my family, I had no space for this up till now. 18 months of break with 1 failed DSM (due to no time) in between and I'm back on the track again. Still with the same size of a...
  2. Jack Reilly

    ADA 60H - Memorable Tank Name

    I ordered a 60P with ADA stand, but there was a mix up and they delivered a 60H with matching stand (60x45x45cm) so I decided I'd just roll with it. Hard scape pickings were slim with a very small selection of wood for my size tank, so I ended up breaking up some larger pieces and tying them...