1. Carbondioxide

    New Paintball-Sodastream-Disposable Adaptor

    It's now easier than ever to select the correct adaptor to connect your pro series regulator and your source of CO2. Whether its a disposable, paintball or SodaStream bottle, you can choose the perfect match from our website. What's your favourite source of pressurised CO2 for your aquascapes?
  2. P

    Co2 standard regulator adaptor to use disposable threaded 16g bike co2

    Hello i was wondering if this is even possible, if i have a dual stage regulator for lets say co2art would there be an adaptor that will work with bicycle 16g co2?. There is a soda stream adaptor even maybe something like regulator > soda steam > 16gm or even paintball g320 adaptor to > 16 im...