1. Tudor Williams

    Can anyone help a first time aquascaper

    My tank is now four weeks old and I have had this problem for the last week, before this problem started all my plants were growing brilliantly, I have a full carpet and no algae issues now starting with my carpeting plants all my plants are turning brown all of a sudden, there still growing and...
  2. S

    EI index,problem with algae!

    Hello All. My aquarium 540l {water 370-400l] 150x60x60 Dosing Ei index micro and macro 3x times a week{Every sunday 50% water change] - Only RO water { no added equlibrium booster] - Using 35 kg Seryiu Stones! Aquarium equipment: Lights 6x80w T5 tubes Ati sunpower unit {lighting 8 hours each...
  3. Goose157

    Brown algae/light period advice ?

    Hi, After reading on the forums about light periods i decided to shorten my light period to 8 hrs a day from 10 and after everything looking ok now on the second week i have started to notice brown spotty/dusty algae on the tips of older leaves!!! Oh no!....should i just increase the light...
  4. Timbuck2

    What is this type of algea please

    Its the burgundy red balls they are spreading all over my stones and wood. Please help thanks
  5. tmiravent

    Is this algae?

    Hi everyone, can you ID this? [the red part on top of green leave] Is growing in the emersed part of the Mini Bolbitis (this leaves will died eventually, i believe... ) Thanks