all pond solutions

  1. Gill

    Insularium - My Take on that

    Tank: Ciano Tartarium 40 = 40*25.6*16.9cm Filter: APS 300 HOB With Prefilter Sponge. Heating: Interpet 15w Slim Card Heater Lighting: Waterhome 9W and JBD 9W LED Substrate: Wet for something contrasting - so a Orange/Red Sand Hardscape: Seiryu Stone covered in Various Moss and Stems. Wood Used...
  2. Derek Tweedie

    APS 90 litre

    Hi guys Thought I would start a new journal since I got a nice tank for Christmas. The tank is an All Pond Solutions 90 litre. Note to people looking at getting one of these put the filter in the cabinet before you place the tank as it doesn't fit through two doors,luckily the tank was empty...