alternanthera reineckii 'mini'

  1. Harplow

    My first time

    juwel vision 450 lt planted out November 2014 , took this Jan 2015
  2. James Flexton

    Twin Peaks - Jimbooo's Journal Mk4

    Hi Everyone, Some of you may remember my journals from way back in 2006/2007 when I went a bit planted tank mad (Jimbooo's Jungle Journal 1,2,and3, the step by step riccia article and the plant maintenance article) all initially on then over here when UKAPS first established...
  3. A

    My new Aquanano 40 Iwagumi Style Tank

    Hi I thought I would create this journal about my new aquarium. I have kept many planted tanks over the years and when I was working in an aquatic shop in the early 2000's we had the Amano books and I would look at every photo with awe and admiriation and I said one day I would give it a go...
  4. Brian Murphy

    Lost Iwagami

    I started this scape 6 days ago and I had planned to do my first Iwagami scape with just eleocharis accicularis but when I received my plants I got a few free samples so it seemed a shame not use them aswell :) Tank - 90cm x 30 x 30 Lighting - APS 2 x39w (only using 1 x 39w bulb though)...