amazon frogbit

  1. dw1305

    The scientific background to the "Leaf Colour Chart"

    Hi all, As a couple of people have asked about the <"leaf colour chart" (LCC)">, (that is linked into various threads talking about <"Amazon Frogbit and the "Duckweed Index">), I'll add some references into this thread, I'll add more as I collect them. The LCC was developed to give <"Rice...
  2. Zebra Fish

    what more can i do?

    i use to have a lot of amazon frogbit with lovely long roots but that soon died off due to me only dosing micro nutrients, i've now got a lot of water lettuce which was suffering the same problem of very little root growth with one or two surviving frogbits. im at the point of pulling my hair...
  3. Zebra Fish

    Zebra Fish Tank Log

    I have come over here on the advice of a member on Tropical Fish Forum who said all of his helpful knowledge was gained from here. So wanting to get better results from my plants I thought I’d join. I already have a tank log on Tropical Fish Forums (under the same name) showing a step by step...