anubias barteri

  1. Aqua Essentials

    How do they do it?

    Amazing price on this mother plant Really lovely and looks in tiptop condition
  2. tmiravent

    Anubia bugs...

    Hi, in one of my thanks i have a anubia bateri, half inside water the other half outside. The anúbia seems to like verymuch to be in that transition position. The problem is that somehow aphis came inside house a keep buging the outside water leafes. What should i do? Keep the bugs? Kill the...
  3. Mike Edwardes

    Anubias barteri inflorescence

    Anubias barteri inflorescence in my large palludarium.
  4. fandango

    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. I've have learned so much from people here and on The Planted Tank Forum and Aquatic Plant Central. After all that reading and learning I thought I needed to share my experience with the community 8) I had my tank now for about 8 years...