aqua one

  1. Kalum

    Buce Drift - now 11 buce varieties strong

    So my learning curve continues a year in and i'm re-scaping my main tank. I'm starting to find out what i do and don't like and learned a lot about composition from my smaller 45P tank which i love and looking back at how this tank started out. Made a lot of mistakes along the way but it's all...
  2. Kyle Lambert

    Aquaone Aqua Vogue lights.

    Does anyone know much about the new aqua vogues led system? all i can find is that there are various light modes witha mix of blue and white LEDs with a total wattage of 44w on the 135l veersion. If im looking to go high tech with co2, ferts and lights would that be powerful enough? does anyone...
  3. Reidy

    Hello (North wales here)

    Hi Ok so im new here i am actually a marine fish keeper, i have a nice reef setup and i am thinking of changing to a planted tank set up. I have been reading THIS and other forums exstensively, my tank is 180l and have lighting for a marine tank so ill switch out the bulbs for tropical...