aqua soil

  1. wilamzq

    Frustrated with Tropica Aquasoil Buffering Capacity

    Hi all! I am running an aquarium for the last 2 months and I am getting very frustrated with the substrate.. I am using tropica Aquasoil and it seems that it strips all the KH from the water and the PH is getting very low ( 6.2 - 6.8) depends if CO2 is open. The first month I was doing lots...
  2. C

    Aqua gro shrimp and plant soil, experience?

    Hi, I've brought aqua gro shrimp and plant soil, does anyone have any experience with this brand of soil and have any tips when setting up my aqua scape? Thank you.
  3. Jink82

    Aqua Soil... What is the damage to the environment?

    I was wondering if anybody knows, if and if so how much damage does our nice hobby causes to the environment? When I put these different kinds of Aqua Soil in my aquarium i've always got this picture in my head of big trucks who are digging up whole rainforests. Just to let me enjoy my little...