aquanano 40

  1. DaveyC

    Product Review AquaNano 40 modifications

    I had to make a few improvements to my AquaNano 40 (55 litres) before it was great for growing plants. I replaced the intake polypad that came with the tank with a coarse AquaNano filter media block cut to size to keep the filter turnover high as shown in the photo below: When the filter...
  2. Neil EFC

    Light Ideas for an aqua nano 40

    Hi i currently have an aqua-nano 40 aquarium with the stock 18 watt pfl bulb which only seems to grow anubias and java fern. I want to start growing medium light plants but don't want to go down the C02 route. I was thinking of buying the boyu 3 x 8 watt t5 light but not sure if this would be...
  3. J

    Forest Scree, 40cm Cube (60L).

    Hi folks. As my first contribution to the site, I would like to document the process of a 60l Nano I have started recently. After making a move out of the city, I have had much more time to dedicate to the planning and process of such a tank. The local wooded hills make for perfect...
  4. A

    My new Aquanano 40 Iwagumi Style Tank

    Hi I thought I would create this journal about my new aquarium. I have kept many planted tanks over the years and when I was working in an aquatic shop in the early 2000's we had the Amano books and I would look at every photo with awe and admiriation and I said one day I would give it a go...
  5. ourmanflint

    Next tank planning.. 40cm cube

    So, a month has passed since I persuaded my GF we should have a small tank in the living room, that one an aquanano 30 is now done, and the GF likes it, so unbeknowns to her I snuck in another aquanano 40 into the back bedroom. Now, she is off on her annual trip back home to visit the family in...
  6. Aron_Dip

    Upgrade from Fluval Edge....

    Hi guys my dads Edge has been running for a year now and he is looking to upgrade to something a little larger and better.. Just after some help with choice really. Really like the look of the AquaNano 40 are they any good? Cheers Guys
  7. Marc Boulton

    AquaNano 40 - Shrimp tank

    Hi all, Here's my freshly planted AquaNano 40. Plants used; Tropica Staurogyne repens Eleocharis parvula Ludwigia glandulosa Hydrocotyle tripartita Lilaeopsis brasiliensis x 2 Red cherries x4 - 1m 3f Pictures were taken on my phone, I'll have to get some on my DSLR
  8. Ady34

    Aquanano40 CRShrimp tank....Journal Closed.

    Hello, after my first planted scape and the introduction to the enjoyable antics of shrimp, ive decided to dedicate a tank to them. Looking at various nano set ups i stumbled upon this Aqua One set up, which at 40 x 40 x 40cm, 55l is a little larger than some, but hopefully that should offer...