aquascaper 600

  1. Harry H

    Critique my hardscape What do you think?

    Hi all, Now I got my new EA600, I wanted to start on the hard scape and experiment. It is the first time I am scaping a tank with this dimensions, all my other tanks were nano cubes, and no need to say i am a newbie. The layout is not the final, I wanted to hear your opinions if anything stands...
  2. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    So I've spent an inordinate amount of time considering what tank I'd want for upgrading from my 45P. Starting out considering a 60P, from there on fantasizing about 90Ps and 120Ps (ignoring the fact that my floors seems to be made of custard). Back to the 60P as an immediate upgrade. Then I was...