1. Lauris

    Dragons Den

    Hellooo all, It has been a while since I have been here. Due to studies and my job and my time, that I can spare with my family, I had no space for this up till now. 18 months of break with 1 failed DSM (due to no time) in between and I'm back on the track again. Still with the same size of a...
  2. mooncake

    Chihiros Aquasky / A Series / RGB

    Hello all. Could anyone who has had experience with two or more of the Chihiros LEDs share their opinion about how different each of the different types actually is, when viewed in person? I have an ADA 45H and I'm struggling to make a decision about which one to go for. I'm debating whether to...
  3. C

    First planted tank - TMC Signature

    Hi guys, I have just completed the hardware & hardscape setup of my first ever planted tank. I am going to plant with Eleocharis Acicularis Mini across the whole substrate surface for a clean & simple look. What do people think of my hardscape layout & plant choice? (photo attached) Any ideas or...
  4. Chris Jackson

    LED Dimmer solution - BUT

    UPDATE - WARNING - These units are working fine for me but they could damage the Aquasky power supplies so you take your chances! Read the thread for more details. Hi All, I thought I'd post this to help anyone looking for an easy LED dimming solution and particularly ideal for the ADA Aquasky...
  5. Chris Jackson

    Island Shore - 60 x 30 x 45 Rock, grass and hopefully class!

    Hello! So a new project commences... Having run a v large 120x60x60 tank for the last 9 years I've decided to downsize to something smaller and easier to manage tightly. For this fresh start I wanted only v high quality equipment that will integrate beautifully into our home. I spent ages...