1. Aqua Essentials

    Atomisers with free delivery

    Maybe you're looking to get a new atomiser which makes your CO2 bubbles 'hang' in the water. The benefit to this is your CO2 becomes more economical (you need less gas for the same effect) and is easier to distribute (the smaller bubbles are easily moved around by your current). Now with free...
  2. callmephathead

    Wagamama...A bit Japanese...But not as good

    At last, I have my new TMC Signature tank! Sadly it's a very small one, only 45x45x30, but the Mrs would not allow me to have anything bigger in the house...She sounded quite serious I the time so I did not argue too much...A small tank is better than none... I have never really cared about the...
  3. Aqua Essentials

    Easy Aqua Mini CO2 Atomiser

    Ideal for small aquariums, this rather cool looking atomiser is great for diffusing CO2. Only £8.99 and made of crystal clear plastic.