1. Gaina

    How long do lights *need* to be on?

    Hello All! My tank (Fluval Roma 125) is now 6 months old and ticking over quite nicely, apart from the fact I'm still battling a bit of soft brown algae on the glass. My water parameters are fine so I'm thinking the solution may lie in reducing the amount of time my lighting is on. It was on...
  2. Gaina

    Bacopa melting

    My bacopa caroliniana has been in the tank for about 8 weeks now and it's melting in places. Here are some photos on my Instagram My Gh is 6, ph 6.6 and temperature 25.5c. I'm using Colombo Florabase soil. As far as I can tell I've got adequate flow...
  3. P

    melting bacopa - more light needed ?

    Hi, I have some stems of bacopa in a newly setup tank. (over a month now) I moved it last week to the middle to get max light. tank depth is ~ 32cm. I have just 2 18W T8 tubes ( old ish probably, tank was 2nd hand) It continues to shed leaves from the bottom upwards to nearly the very...
  4. Aqua Essentials

    Bacopa australis from Aquafleur

    This plant is now available £2.99 per pot
  5. greenink

    259L bookcase rebirth

    Starting my second tank... Journal will be a slow build as am waiting for various pieces on order. But I’ve learnt that planning things properly, and taking time to get it right, is the best way to go. Hoping for help in thinking it through! Comments and advice on my other journal have been...