1. Keiko21

    Sick white head betta

    Hello everybody :), My betta is usually blue. But since few days, her head is becoming white. I suspect that she's sick. She's also breathing faster than usual, but there are no other symptoms. My betta is active, seems happy as usual. Like nothing happened. I want to precise also that she has...
  2. M

    Betta sick (fin rot?)

    Our Betta, Laslow, has fin rot (maybe?) that we don’t seem to be able to get rid of. Some context: he usually lives in a 55L tank. He lived in there alone for a while, with a bonsai tree, sand on the bottom, and 4 moss balls. Heater and filter, water temp around 26 degrees. We do regular water...
  3. B

    Hi from Scotland!

    Hello! Hubby and I have just moved north of the border. We've bought a lovely new place and I'm excited to say I have space for fish keeping again! Reading through some of the threads, though, it seems like things have moved on since I last had a tank (ten years ago) - last time I cycled a...
  4. bettaguy

    When the buce pokes up and out

    Absolutely my favourite picture of my buce! Especially Because of the angry betta in the bottom right hahaha
  5. S

    Betta - Slime coat damage or something else?

    Hi, My betta has some white slime on his back and under mouth. I am not sure if it's slime coat damage or something else. Any thoughts? Tank is fully cycled. Photos Water parameters: TDS 200 ppm PH 7 GH 6 dGH NO3 10ppm NO2 0 25 °C / 77 F I am dosing liquid CO2 every day (can be an issue?)...
  6. CooKieS

    40x28x30 "The Ent" 30liters CLOSED

    Hi there, So my plan was to rescape my 60p and use this small 30liters tank as an temporary Home for my living stock during the rescape...BUT, I found that my lovely jungle Roots faits perfectly in there so...let's sell my livestock and scape this nano for an dragon betta! :-) Here's the Gear...
  7. Jakub Sobczak

    Betta frantic swimming, external parasites???

    Hi there, I got a Betta 6 days ago an it seems to be glass surfing frantically. In the video you can see this behaviour. This happens The Betta seemed really happy with the tank. It was patrolling around, exploring every inch of the tank and trying to squeeze through every possible hole it...
  8. jameson_uk

    Betta Get Sorted

    Just shy of two years ago I bought an Aqua One Aspire 22 tank from P@H when it was on offer with the intention of creating a planted tank for a Betta. At £55 for a tank, lid, LED, heater and filter it was too good a deal to turn down. The filter is terrible and has gone in the spare parts...
  9. J

    substrate for planted tanks

    Evening. Just three quick separate questions. 1) Can anyone advise on a good substrate for a small 25L Thailand style betta planted tank? 2) For a bigger tank I would like to have with sand, does anyone know if there is a good substrate that is suitable for going underneath with sand on top...
  10. Hanuman

    Suitable for a betta?

    I have this nano tank 36*36 which had a betta splenden. Unfortunately he passed away a few days ago. I could replace the fish but the thing is that I am not convinced that the tank is fully adapted for a betta. Check the video and let me know what changes you would do to make the tank more betta...
  11. rjugas

    33L Yellow Cube

    Hi, this will be a journal of my aquarium renewal. I came back to hobby after a few years, when I had 60L tank and full of novice mistakes. So, I decided to try what is somehow mainstream - qood looking small tank, lots of plants, good tech, CO2 etc. I am not into hardscape and nature aquariums...
  12. T

    Wild Betta Supplier

    Hello, I'm trying to find a supplier for Bettas, specifically Channoides, Rutilans, Coccina and Hendra; if anyone can give any info it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Sentral

    Low Tech / Low Flow Plants for Betta

    Hi all, Hoping someone can give me some advice on what plants will tolerate/thrive in a low tech and low flow tank that currently houses a betta? It would be great if anyone has had experiences with this kind of setup :) Cheers
  14. Goose157

    Bought my Mrs a uk 4 gallon tank for a Betta - advice...

    Hi all, So my wife has been very encouraging about my planted tank and in passing i asked if she would like a small tank of her own to run... She was really excited about it .... I was pointing her towards a flex 34 ltr but in the end she liked a little pets at home I love fish curve something...
  15. Kalum

    Rivers Edge - ADA 45P - planted and filled

    After initially having my halfmoon rosetail betta in his own tank and moving him to a peaceful community tank I've decided while he seems happy, he definitely enjoyed being on his own more so this will be tailored to him, plus it satisfies my MTS.... Simple low tech mini jungle theme with...
  16. Kalum

    Japanese Bonsai Garden - Learning Curve

    Even though my tank won’t be anywhere near the scaped level of most of you I thought it would be good to keep a timeline of mine anyway to show what I’m planning and what I learn along the way as i'm new to all this (hopefully get a few pointers and ideas from any of you as well, be as brutal as...
  17. Kalum

    Aquascaper wannabe (Scotland)

    Evening all, been lurking making use of all info on here for the past few weeks while I'm setting up my first proper (albeit small) tank so thought I'd say hello rather than just hiding in the background. Tank is a Superfish Home 60, talked into it after it got a decent review from George...
  18. Something Fishy

    Betta Fish in Vase Idea

    Hi guys I know I could post on a Betta forum, but I feel people on this forum have a pretty good understanding of how I think and the planted angle, rather than churning out stats about Betta fish haha. I've been keeping fish for years, marine and tropical on and off, so I'm pretty versed with...
  19. Sarah Casper

    Crowntail bettas

    Does anyone know a breeder or importer for crowntail bettas. I'm looking into putting together a sorority group and am also considering breeding my male crowntail. If I do decide to breed him,(which I might not) I want to continue a crowntail line and if I don't decide to breed him I really like...
  20. George Farmer

    How to aquascape a nano aquarium

  21. russell

    From south Essex.. greetings

    Hello, have been keeping fish for 2.5 years now in a 130 litre tank I was given. Put in live plants after 6 months with limited budget and success. Due to small home and growing kids my infra structure just wont support a tank of that size any more so I'm moving the Aquarium on and...
  22. Hamza

    Betta Face-off

    Hi, Visited a fellow hobbyist yesterday. Had some quality fun watching and freezing these beauties flare.. Some orange crowntail it is...(am bad with betta names and classifications, please excuse me for it ;) ) The salamander plakat who occupied next cube...uber cool colors on this guy...
  23. JCollier420

    Open for criticism.

    First fish tank in 5 years. Im looking for criticism and advice on my tank. Like what other plants to add etc.
  24. Kyle Lambert

    Trimmings and cut offs.

    So i couldnt find anything on the forums already and ive only been here five minutes, but i was wondering if people would be happy sending any excess plants they have to people. My tank is only 6 weeks old so im in no position as yet but i know i will have some Cabomba i would be happy to send...