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  1. J

    substrate for planted tanks

    Evening. Just three quick separate questions. 1) Can anyone advise on a good substrate for a small 25L Thailand style betta planted tank? 2) For a bigger tank I would like to have with sand, does anyone know if there is a good substrate that is suitable for going underneath with sand on top...
  2. J

    Which Nano Tank?

    I am going to be getting a Nano tank or building one myself soon that will be able to fit within my Ikea Expedit or Bonde bookshelf.* Hoping to do a small aquascape in there and intend to have a single betta and maybe a shrimp or two. I already have a betta that I bought but her shipment has...
  3. cjlhessing

    Hello from East London

    Hello all, I'm Chris from East London, Barkingside to be precise (lets not start any it's not London it's Essex things :shh:). I'm new to aquariums, inherited my first being a BiOrb a few months ago and am moving to a Fluval Edge 48 - best thing about that is it has potential for...
  4. RolyMo

    Best way to Setup a BiOrb Flow 15l?

    Hi and thanks for reading this post. Background I started this hobby 2 years ago and got my first ever tank and Rio 180l after getting over my desire to have a BiOrb. Since then I have learned a lot from the great people on this forum and 1 year later I added a Nano CRS tank which this too...