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  1. brhau

    Low pH blackwater tanks for Parosphromenus

    Hi all, After taking a short break, I've started up my tanks again and I'd like to try building up a stable population of one of the described Parosphromenus species. I've kept softwater fish before, but never blackwater. So far, I have 4 tanks that have been running for about 6 weeks, 5 of...
  2. R

    Blackwater Scape Ideas

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance with the set up of a blackwater scape. I'm planning on using my 105L aquarium with Eheim external filter and probably focusing on a South American biotope. As this is the first time I've tried a blackwater tank, I wondered if there are any guides and inspiration...
  3. oscarlloydjohn

    Twinstar 600e how bright?

    Hi everyone, long time no see. I'm setting up my ADA 60f again for my dwarf puffers, this time it will be a blackwater with some easy plants and no CO2. I was wondering how dim I should have my Twinstar 600e, I'm looking to grow Vallisneria nana, Cryptocoryne wendtii and Helanthium tenellum...
  4. doylecolmdoyle

    5ft Blackwater Shallow Stream

    Tank - Fire Aqua 1500 x 210 x 240, 10mm low iron glass. 20G / 75 ltr Stand - Ikea Kallax bookshelf's as stand, with extra soild wood top. Filter - 1 x 1400lph canister filters (eheim copy) Light - MML LED Tube on a Cade hanging kit Hardscape - Bog wood / random wood Substrate - Gravel Plants -...
  5. O

    Lighting for a blackwater aquarium

    Hi guys, first post. I'm currently in the first stages of planning my next aquarium. I'm thinking of going for an aquarium of unusual dimensions : 1 meter long, 90 cm wide and 60 cm high (100x90x60) to fit under my mezzanine bed. The idea is that wider tanks with a large footprint are a better...
  6. Fiske

    Secret Pond - Paros tank

    I've been alluding to this a few times. Originally this was temporary holding for ???, set up very quickly and thrown on a small stand in our bathroom; back in august last year... Finally got a few days of to muck about with fish stuff, and had planned to move this, and make a permanent home...
  7. Fiske

    I bit the bullet :O

    Shipping was extremely fast, I could live with slower shipping for a lower price. That must be the only gripe I have here. Other than that I am super stoked to use this, too bad I don't even have the tank for this yet. A smaller part of these botanicals are going to be used very soon for a small...
  8. Kakarot

    Amazon blackwater biotope lighting 150L

    Hey all, I'm going to be setting up an Amazon blackwater biotope and was just curious if anyone has done a similar setup, I want the light to be focused in the centre of the aquarium with shaded/darker areas at both ends. I still need to build a double aquarium stand so it's going to be a few...
  9. Aqua Hero

    if aqa soil can do it then can peat granules/peat balls and black extract do the same?

    hi i purchased aqa soil a while ago to re cycle my tank. it lowered my ph all the way down from 7.6 to 6.2. my water hardness is 258 gh according to thames water. since my aqa soil was able to lower the ph and soften the water and keep it down for 3 months can i the combination of peat and...
  10. AverageWhiteBloke

    Oak Leaves

    Got hold of some recently fallen Oak leaves to put in my shrimp tank and blackwater species instead of Almond leaves. Just wondering is there anything I need to do to them first before putting them in the tank and what's the best way to store them?