1. Zedan

    Moss Tree Hill

    The goal of this project is to create a relatively low maintenance aquascape inside this 13L vase (approx. 27cm x 27cm excluding the base). The base is 4cm of Tropica Plant Growth Substrate, a peat base layer designed to reduce pH and release nutrients slowly. This is capped with 2cm of JBL...
  2. Kalum

    Bonsai Mountain Scape

    After starting my first tank (Superfish Home 60) I found that I was limited more than I first realised I would be due to the all in one nature of the tank. Being a bit naive I thought I'd be able to achieve what I had pictured in my head but soon realised that without making fundamental changes...
  3. Kalum

    Japanese Bonsai Garden - Learning Curve

    Even though my tank won’t be anywhere near the scaped level of most of you I thought it would be good to keep a timeline of mine anyway to show what I’m planning and what I learn along the way as i'm new to all this (hopefully get a few pointers and ideas from any of you as well, be as brutal as...
  4. Kalum

    Aquascaper wannabe (Scotland)

    Evening all, been lurking making use of all info on here for the past few weeks while I'm setting up my first proper (albeit small) tank so thought I'd say hello rather than just hiding in the background. Tank is a Superfish Home 60, talked into it after it got a decent review from George...
  5. Aqua Hero

    Aquascape: Edens Gate

    i thought i would just show my new aquascape aquascape: Edens Gate Tank: 61 x 41 x 58 Juwel Lido 30 UK Gallons Lights: Odyssea Quad T5HO Unit, 2 x 24W 6400K Bulbs, 2 x 24W IQuatics Plant Growth Bulbs. 9 hours per day Substrate: ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia mixed with ADA Power Sand, White Sand...
  6. Lauris

    "The shadows of Mordor"

    As a great fan of Middle-earth stories and the mystery tales about the Land of Shadows, Orcs, Trolls and mighty wizards, gained my inspiration and decided work trough it in my next project. The tricky part will be the composition. The goal is to work towards "negative composition" with the...
  7. Aqua Hero

    Where can i buy aquarium bonsai driftwood in the UK

    i tried shrimp corner but all their wood was out of stock so i was wondering if there is another place i can buy it from
  8. josepinto

    Om Shanti - bonsai

    So my favorite LFS ( found me a unique old bonsai tree... Looking at that, i realized that this beautiful piece could be almost 80% of a new aquascape with the right rocks and plants! :) Hands on work and here i introduce my recent aquascape "Om Shanti". Tank: 45cm*45cm*35cm...
  9. Dr Gibbon

    Chinese Elm ?

    Hi Guys I'm in the process of setting up a nano tank for shrimp and am wondering if anyone has any experience of using chinese elm wood in aquariums? I have a bonsai trunk that died a few years ago that I was hoping to put in the tank. Obviously I'll boil and soak it first, I remember someone...