boraras urophthalmoides

  1. L

    Boraras urophthalmoides with high water hardness

    Hello all, What are your experiences keeping Boraras in hard water? Did any of you get them to breed? Water hardness is high in my area, around 20 dGH. I know that they are supposed to be kept in water with low hardness, but then again I hear that this is overrated for many fish. For what it's...
  2. pintainho21

    My Small PON - 60liters

    Hi guys, i´ve been reading ukaps for a time but never posted nothing before. I'm Portuguese and for my surprise i found many here (Olá a todos) Since i´ve "finished" (really?) a recent setup i´d thought to post it here hopping to get some feedback. So here it is My Small Piece of Nature setup...