1. Neil EFC

    Light Ideas for an aqua nano 40

    Hi i currently have an aqua-nano 40 aquarium with the stock 18 watt pfl bulb which only seems to grow anubias and java fern. I want to start growing medium light plants but don't want to go down the C02 route. I was thinking of buying the boyu 3 x 8 watt t5 light but not sure if this would be...
  2. golino

    how about Boyu media

    did any one try BOYU media before like ceramic and carbon !!!
  3. Kyle Lambert

    BOYU external canister filter

    So i had used BOYU products in the past with mixed results but i recently came across this little number on ebay recently... External Canister aquarium filter BOYU EF-05 media nano 150L/H | eBay price wise its perfect for me and itll be a nice fit for my 60l tank providing extra filtration...