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  1. Nathanh2150

    First time breeding fish advice for success

    This will be my first time breeding some Apistogramma Cacatuoides DOUBLE RED Male + Female I have a 17ltr aquarium With Coconut shell x1 Substrate tropica soil Plants Almond leaves x2 Heater got the tempture around 27•c Led light unit thinking do I need a breeding trap to store the...
  2. Andy Tran

    Breeding captive fish for wild-type traits

    Has anyone else noticed how “pregnant” captive female White Cloud Minnows can get, to the point which they almost have difficulty swimming? I was wondering if wild-caught WCMM females are also like this, or whether carrying loads of eggs is a trait which has been selected for (either...
  3. jameson_uk

    Breeding Cory

    My Sterbai Cory regularly lay eggs and I thought I would have another go at hatching them. I tried previously (https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/cory-eggs.56022/) but none of them made it. Last week I took about 22 eggs out the tank and placed them in the Marina breeder box hanging on the...
  4. Majsa

    CPD eggs!

    So I closed down my shrimp breeding tank (after selling most of the babies to a LFS) and started a CPD breeding tank instead. I though there is room for more CPDs in my CPD tank :) The first attempt failed, I think mostly because I hadn't conditioned and prepared the fish well enough. I was...
  5. Miss-Pepper

    Low Level Light for Racking System

    Hello all, I will soon be setting up some aquarium racking systems. I'd like to include some easy low light tolerating plants but need help deciding what lights to purchase. I'd like a balance of bright enough for healthy plant growth and for me to see in, but not so bright the fish are...
  6. Harry Finley

    Crystal red shrimp breeders

    Hi guys, although I'm a new member here I've been following UKAPS for a few years now and I have to say I'm a huge fan. I'm trying to get hold of some crystal red shrimp and wondered if anyone has any that they'd sell me. Not looking for anything super high grade just with nice colour and...
  7. George Farmer

    CRS photos, including babies

    My CRS are breeding. I have about 30 babies. :) Here's a few shots of the adults and their children.
  8. George Farmer

    George's "Crystal Palace" - now with HD video

    Hi all, This is my latest project. Please excuse the poor photo quality taken with my phone. Crystal Red Shrimp non-CO2 aquascape by George Farmer, on Flickr It's going to be dedicated to crystal red shrimp (CRS) and I hope to get them breeding. The tank is in my office at work. The tank...