bubble counter

  1. oscarlloydjohn

    Any need for a bubble counter?

    I have an Aquario Neo diffuser and was wondering if the bubbles coming from the pipe at the bottom of the diffuser would work fine as a bubble counter (maybe it would have uneven flow?) I don't see a need for unnecessary clutter so I'd love to not have to buy an inline one. Cheers
  2. JRPW

    Bubble Counter Rate

    Hi guys, Literally today set up my first pressurised CO2 system. All went well although messing around with a fire extinguisher does feel slightly dodgy lol. I'm watching my bubble counter like a hawk and found its really hard to get a good handle on a set rate. At the mo I'd say I've got...
  3. Ghettofarmulous

    Bubble counter glass fittings help

    Iv been having some trouble with my bubble counter since i installed it. I fill the glass with water but within a day it has passed through the NRV and down the 6 mm air line. Its a custom bubble-counter and iv been trying to find a permanent way of setting it up. I would very much like some...