1. Carbondioxide

    January sales 20% off everything

    If your looking at changing your diffuser or starting a new aquascape in the new year, visit our website and take advantage of our January sale. discounts available across our entire range of products until the 5th January. www.co2art.co.uk
  2. Aquarium_scape_n_fish

    Floating microbubbles everywhere

    Hi all At the begining of July, I stripped down and completely rescaped my tank. The gravel was replaced with Tropica Aquarium soil and a mix of new and existing plants were added along with new and existing wood hardscape. After a week or two, i noticed the water was hazy and on closer...
  3. Aquarium_scape_n_fish

    Co2 bubbles per second in a reactor

    I have just converted from using an in tank diffuser to an external reactor to mix my co2 and eliminate the fizzy look. Using the diffuser, my pressurised sodastream system ran at about 2 bubbles per second and turned the drop checker to an ideal lime green. Now I have the co2 running at 3...
  4. aaron.c

    Inline diffusers... show us your bubbles!

    Hey All Those that use inline diffusers, how often are you cleaning them? I have just replaced the ceramic insert in mine and bubbles are back to being on the big side after only a coupe of weeks. I am convinced they are too big and are cuasing my CO2 to be sub par. I could just up the...