1. steveno

    A Long Start, another Iwagumi story

    Hello All, I have been away from the hobby for a number of years, after a moving house, as it just wasn’t suitable to set up my old tank, so reluctantly had to get rid of my old tank and all own old equipment. Following a recent change in my personal life, I needed to do something that...
  2. Raposo

    Gunung Kinabalu

    Hi everyone, Just setup a new tank, thought i could share, Started: 10Oct2016 Aquarium: ADA 90P (90x45x45) Stand: Aquaeden cherry (90x45x80) Lighting: 2 X Chihiros Series A Filtration: Eheim Professional 3 600 Heating / Cooling: Eheim 150W Other equipment: Kit Co2 aquamedics with...