1. Pricey32

    Juwel duoflux bulbs :590mm replacement

    i have a juwel tank, i think it could be the rekord.... Bought it 2nd hand It has the duoflux lid with the dual bulbs i think theyre t5.... Maybe someone could put me straight. Want to change the bulbs as i currently have the warm-lite & and the daylight bulb in but theyve been in a while, is...
  2. Aqua Essentials

    Aponogeton boivinianus bulbs

    When you purchase 2 or more Aponogeton boivinianus bulbs, you get them for only £2.99 each! Amazing plants that grow so quickly. http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/aponogeton-boivinianus-bulb-p-3921.html
  3. Aqua Essentials

    plug & play aponogeton bulbs

    We've bundled this mix together for you - bulbs are SO EASY TO GROW. Check it out http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/plug-play-aponogeton-bulb-set-x-5-p-7230.html Note to retailers: Please DO NOT plagerise this or any other ideas Aqua Essentials have. This original idea is the intellectual...