1. GreyFoxIndy

    200 litre tank, 3.15kg c02 - how long will it last (ROUGHLY)

    200-litre tank, 100x45x50cm, 3.15kg c02 - how long will it last (ROUGHLY), using solenoid to switch on and off at the typical rates suggested, before lighting etc, I've listed my plants in the number of pots I intend to buy. Planted in ADA Amazonia, with Power Sand Advance. Lighting wise Fluval...
  2. Deansie

    How many C02 cylinders?

    Just curious as to how many folk have? I've a trigon 190 and an Ada 45 and have 3 cylinders that I rotate.
  3. MoJoUK1

    Fire extinguisher CO2 refills in the Leatherhead, Surrey area?

    Hi guys and girls, My first post so hello to you all. As the title says, can anyone please recommend somewhere to get my 2kg fire extinguisher bottles refilled? I'm getting through a bottle every 5 weeks in my 200ltr aquarium and don't know where to get it regased. A search on Google was no...
  4. K

    Connecting a Dennerle Comfortline C02 Regulator to a Fire Extinguisher

    All, I have a Dennerle Comfortline C02 Regulator designed for use with disposable bottles - see pictures. Any ideas where I could source an adapter which will allow me to use this regulator with a 2Kg fire extinguisher? Thanks in advance. kom

    Does c02 cause BBA in areas of high concentration?

    Hi, just a quick question. I have noticed that in the side of my tank where I have my co2 diffuser that the area is getting a little bit of BBA. It is concentrated on the areas where the co2 bubbles are sometimes pushed down onto them by the outflow of my filter. My diffuser is only maybe 1 inch...
  6. DannyH

    FE compatible *regulators?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to set up a FE C02 system and as the title states I am looking to confirm what diffusers are compatible with a 2kg bottle? I currently have TMC and JBL Pro flora diffusers and am wondering if either will fit straight onto the bottle? Or failing that if there is an...
  7. Aqua Hero

    surface agitation affect liquid c02

    i know with pressurized c02 having alot of surface agitation will reduce the amount of c02 in the tank. is that the same when using liquid c02
  8. Aqua Hero

    How long will 5kg of c02 last?

    In the the near future i may use pressurized c02 but one thing thats bothering me is how long it lasts. i have looked at some many posts on different forums and i still cant get a decent answer. the tank is 120-145ltrs dual 24w t5 unit which are on for 9 hrs a day 7-10x turnover from filter but...
  9. Aqua Hero

    Fish as c02 source for plants

    if you have the right amount of fish for you tank can they provide enough c02 for the plants to survive? in this case that plants arent very demanding
  10. Luis Batista

    4dKH Solution

    Hello I have been read about solutions of 4dKH for the drop checker but they all are a little big in the amounts of water to use. I dont want to be left with 4 or 5 L of a 40dKH solution. So i scale it down to this: 500ml Distilled water + 0,6gr sodium bicarbonate = 500ml solution 40dKH...