canister filter

  1. Kate

    Modifying Fluval FX6

    Hi guys :) This is not strictly a 'planted tank' related post, so apologies in advance but please bear with me! I'm a fancy goldfish lover and have just ordered a rimless/braceless tank with aubergine colour gloss cabinet. This is an upgrade from my current 50 gallon 24'' cube tank, I've been...
  2. A

    Ebay ADA like Superjet filters

    Hi everyone, I am setting up a new tank (dennerle scapers tank) and was looking at these stainless steel, ada like, filters on ebay. Actually there are two different companies making these (both links below). Obviously they are a good deal cheaper than the ADA equivalents but from the photos and...
  3. Kyle Lambert

    BOYU external canister filter

    So i had used BOYU products in the past with mixed results but i recently came across this little number on ebay recently... External Canister aquarium filter BOYU EF-05 media nano 150L/H | eBay price wise its perfect for me and itll be a nice fit for my 60l tank providing extra filtration...